I have a fantasy to expose my wife...

I have a fantasy to expose my wife. If anyone thinks they know her just say her name and her state and I'll post full set with face.

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Is she native American?

why dont you send it all to me and give me her contact information, ill message her and say i hacked your phone or whatever and shame her?

this way you dont get in trouble


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If someone guesses it i'll take that route :)


Damn, I want someone to do that to my wife.


stop being a cucklord OP.

Has she had kids? If shes that out of shape and hasnt had kids shes going to be fucking huge when she does.

I'm in


OP reading this like

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I so want that with mine. Anybody know her?

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She’s Indian.


Do you recognize her?

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Her name is Robert Paulson

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show butthole

Moar of the whore. Jerking off to her face, how would she feel about that?

Here's her gaping butthole after he fucked it bareback and pumped it full of cum.

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I don't think she'd like that.

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Still here?

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He may not be but I am, keep posting

I'm here
What a slut. Any vids?

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Yes, hit me up on xhamster

Thanx for the fap id plow that slam piggy all night and use all her hole for my personal cum dump

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Like this? Read her lips!

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Yes sir

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any full frontal nudes standing up?

post underwear

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I would pump her full of cum.

No, sorry

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I'm sure

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Srsly, hit me up on xhamster

Who is watching? Who wants more of her?

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Fucking cuck

Bro i just looked at the whole gallery

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