duh president didn't break any lawz, how can he be impreached?

> duh president didn't break any lawz, how can he be impreached?
that's not how it works user. impeachment is political procedure, not criminal, and the standard is Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors
> show me, show me what lawz he break
The Impoundment Control Act and the non-partisan GAO agrees he broke the law

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>it's not about laws

>here are the laws he broke

he did both. he violated the public trust in pursuit of his own personal gain AND he violated federal statutes. trump cucks have to keep retreating as every one of their imbecilic rationales fall apart.

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So we're just gonna ignore the fact Hillary sold nuclear weapons to Russia and had countless people who investigated her and Bill's affairs killed?

You can't really defend Trump after this.

b-b-but Hillary! No one cares, she's irrelavent.

You faggots are still gonna ignore the Clinton body count?

The dead must have justice.

> no rational, coherent reason to defend him
> just want to virtue signal your allegiance to your tribe

user quid pro quo is SOP in politics. Every politician engages in it and lies. The only reason Trump is being charged is because other politicians didn't want an outsider upsetting the status quo

Holy shit, thats some serious fuckery. Trump done singlehandedly did the bad thing, first time a President done broked the law. He WiLl NoT dIvIdE uS!!

sage who cares. Just try to win in election.

Nope, nuh uh, quid pro quo has never been observed in the wild until the Drumpf, he invented it, by force.

USA is a weird country, your president does the right thing trying to expose corruption from a previous Vice President and you get mad over that? Fucked up.

Quid pro quo is fine when it's for the nation's interest. It's not okay when it's for personal, political interests. He used his office to push a conspiracy theory to help his reelection. That's a personal, political interest. It's pretty straightforward.

No lie detected. Deflection is all they have.

he used federal taxpayer money, disbursed by congress, to leverage a bribe FOR HIMSELF. it's also illegal under federal criminal law. what part of this confuses you. this is not quid pro quo of one nation benefiting another. this was quid pro quo of trump using money that didn't belong to him, paid by the public in exchange for HIS BENEFIT ONLY. how can you be so dense? someone can say "well i still don't think it's impeachable" then explain why, buy you have to deal with facts and NOT LIE

Yes. We are going to ignore things that didn't happen and focus on things that did happen.

ikr vlad??

Heh, this guy thinks that the winner is the winner. Well, the devil doth deceive!! Sometimes the real winner IS ACTUALLY NOT the winner. Theyre the loser. FACT. The big numbers are bigger than the small numbers. Also, fact.

Stop being triggered about trump you cuck. Try to get a nominee who is not complete trash, then you can try going after the big man.

Literally noone cares about the impeachment, its a formal action. It does absolutely nothing.

As you said, looking forward to his second term.

this stupid kike has 3 tabs open and meant to post on Sup Forums but he fucked up and posted here, from his synagogue in tel aviv. fuck kikes. paid to post in every field sage kike niggers.

>>how can you be so dense

The American mind is so dense it produces its own gravity.

If someone has to SAY they are nonpartisan, they probably aren't.

Courts determine if you broke the law not some swamp monster from the GAO

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Am not even american, but I will go there illegally and vote(libcucks say illegals should have a vote) Trump, hearing another 4 year of triggered libcuck screeching gonna be hilarious from europe

The fuck does ikr mean? And sven is a more correct "name"-insult then vlad.

So you'll ignore that Trump did nothing wrong and focus on bringing Hillary to the electric chair. Im glad we agree for once

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>Try to get a nominee who is not complete trash
>the most morally corrupt, amateurish, ignorant, sociopath to ever exist is just fine but i'll support him because i'm a tribal idiot
feels like a twilight zone episode. your rnc masters and the billionaires they serve love guys like you.

> gaslighting continues

That psyop could actually work

Naw dude, I know the folks in the GAO. Theyre apolitical as fuck. And none of them are women. So now you know, the intel's juice.


"Morally corrupt... sociopath"

You, and the youth of modern Russia are giving Stalin boners right now!! And its corpse is looking to breed

Both Trump and Hillary went to Jeffrey Epsteins rape island.

Thats far out! Does anyone know what the laws are until they "break" them?


Sooo fake and gay.

Yeah. No one conducts their lives logically. NO ONE. EVER. What goes is what is what is AGREED UPON.

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>imagine still caring Trump is president
100% NPC

still, going on about trump, instead of talking about any dem nominee. Show so clearly how deep shit the democratic party is in.

this to:

The girls were paid, which isnt rape. It was TEENAGERS, not toddlers, that some of you sickos like.

If you actually believe this you may be the most retarded person in the history of Sup Forums

FUCKYEAH!! First time I got called a glownigger. Its a dubious honor! Cheers from California!

people in his own administration said it's a violation of the law when he was cooking it up! that's why a normal president has a huge staff of EXPERTS with EXPERIENCE to ADVISE him well. but when he is told he can't do things that he wants then he fires them, packs all positions with amateurs and cronies, then says anyone that rightfully tells him he can't do something a member of the made up "deep state". he brought it in himself.keep worshipping a clown.

fucking hell go back to your containment board on Sup Forums

"Foreign aid" is treason

might be a tie with you, my friend.

Trump supporters literally pretend wind is a mystery cos their daddy doesn't understand it

You mean that the Canadian company that owned the mining rights to uranium in the US sold those extraction rights to a Russia based company that was then permitted to mine that uranium for American companies?

The one where none of that Uranium ever left the United States of America?

Specifically because Hillary's office wouldn't allow the rights to move without a monitored guarantee of use approval.

Keep being deluded, sweet child. The Libs are so stupid they'll keep taking care of you and making sure you don't hurt yourself.

I don't give a fuck about politics but can you please go to pol?

Sup Forums is for anything.

It should be, but it's not.

I like how this meme keeps getting more absurd.

>when you kill your enemies they win

It's been the same since the 90s and was updated when she did sketchy shit with Russia as secretary of state.

lol, yes we are.
No one else is obsessed with Hillary other than Trumpers. It's funny...Dems don't even like her.
The only people talking about her are the Trumpers...you fucking retards. She trolls all of you so much without even trying lololololol

I voted for him and even I have to admit he should go. I hope he is convicted and Pence takes over. Pence is a better 2020 candidate anyway.