Asian Thread

Asian Thread.
None of these overposted ugly ass whores ESPECIALLY ZEDD.

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Agreed for all of them except the slutget bitches

lets keep it nude tho

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shes cute
her pussy looks like its bout to eat me tho

Top left girl is okay for a bit only cause she's cute and the dick is huge but keep it minimal. OC preferred

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is that some oc? go on good sir

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Yeah took em with my gf the other day. Probably not fresh OC since I posted a few times but enjoy

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OC wife

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good shit! who is the other slut? whats the story? keep going

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nice ass can we see her face?

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Gf on left. Our friend on right. We moved to Korea for a month and had a bunch of threesomes and orgies. Shit was fun. Can't wait to go back.

your gf korean too? post some more, you a lucky man

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Bonus points and a double bj pic if you guess the three switch games in the back.

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No face sadly :(

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Fuck u I literally wanna kill myself knowing I will never experience shit like this

What's stopping you lol

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anyone still here?

Anyone like?

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Bump, lurking

Lurking in a quality thread.

I like your disclaimer at the beginning. Too bad the mouth breathers here think that doesn’t apply to them.

japanese college girl betrayed by her foreign bf

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i wanna see more amateurs showing face and pussy

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>no ugly whores
>starts with ugly whores


I specifically said none of THOSE whores that are spammed in every thread. Anything else goes

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Not asian, and if she is, gotta be one of the ugliest asians I've ever seen

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Who has contacted this slut?

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More and who's this?

to expose, or not to expose?

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Why did liberals ruin asians?

any of those blackedpink thots

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post face

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Fuck it, I'll share my bitch ex

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Nice, keep going. Lets see fucking and nudes

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Lets see those knockers

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Whats her ig


only will expose her ton white bull who can convince her to send nudes

depends if I get enough interest

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stfu you got people waiting
send nudes

we're getting there, stfu

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lol no one cares. you dont matter

lets see her cunt

four dudes tryn bust for your gf
lets go

don't have pussy pictures though

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dont stop

you must be a pussy then

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tell the bitch to take her pabties off and soread her legs for the camera because u want to show peopls her pussy, shell act like she hates it but youll be suprised when she does it and gets suoer wet to that, women act all shy until they see a glimmer of hope random guys night cum inside them

buttho pix?


last one of the day, I'll have to access the damage later

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Did you get to cum in both of them? They on the pill?

More of this whore

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I actually did. The first time we had a threesome was in a hotel room in Itaewon. My gf let me have fun with her first so we were fucking for a while. And while she was riding me, my gf joined in a started liking my balls. That was probably the best sex I ever had in my life. I can last for hours during sex due to death grip but that night, I had our friend bent over and I couldn't help but drop a weeks load into her. She didn't even notice. We finished up and we all went home and I fucked my gf that night and seeded her too. Didn't tell her or my friend until a week after. Turns out they were both ovulating the night I came inside them. They also hadtheir periods synced so they both got theirs on the same day.

That's the best feeling! I had a gf in grad school that the wife didn't know about, but the GF knew I was married. Got to cum in a few times within a couple hours of cumming in my wife. Wife has an IUD, but the GF wasn't on any BC. I usually pulled out, but those few times were simply too much to resist, esp knowing that she knew I had just fucked my wife. Both are Chinese.

Mine were both Korean! Worst is that our friend lives in Korea so she would have had no choice but to raise my child if she got pregnant and my gf would have been able to get an abortion lol. Have a puerto rican and black girl now along with my korean gf. We all have fun sometimes. Black girl and gf are on bc but the pr bitch isn't. She's actually in love with me and wants me to get her pregnant even though she has a bf lol