Walk into your bedroom

>Walk into your bedroom
>You find Daisy Ridley standing there
Wat do?

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Offer her a coffee and start a nice conversation

Pull her panties down then begin violently assaulting her butthole.

Haha, just kidding. I'm a gentle person :-)

Ask her if it's true she has a fucked up womb. Ask whether that affects her self-esteem.

Get a dental clamp and give her a full oral examination finish by running my frenulum across her pearly whites.

>do a 360
>walk away

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Finally shoot my live action outer worlds porn parody.

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Good job walking into her again you dumbfuck.

John comes out of the closet, kicks you in the nut and nuts on Daisy.

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John comes out of the closet, kicks you in the nuts and then nuts on Daisy.

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>have a conversation with her
>get to know her
>suggest she undress to get cozy for bedtime
help her undress
>suggest she have a few orgasms because always sleep better after
>help her have a few orgasms
>cum on her belly after pulling out
>laugh with her at the mess we've made
>look at this thread together and laugh at you for cringing while i fucked daisy ridley

John comes out from behind the curtains, kicks you in the nuts and then nuts on Daisy.

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"Y-you too"

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John comes around the corner, kicks you in the nuts and then nuts on Daisy.

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John comes out from under the bed, kicks you in the nuts and then nuts on Daisy.

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Stick my lightsaber in her Sarlac Pit

I remember being new, that's why I'm not going to insult you.

John comes out from behind Daisy, they laugh at you, he kicks you in the nuts and then nuts on Daisy.

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Use the force.

John comes in, Daisy kicks you in the nuts and then nuts on John.

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John takes you out of the bedroom, kicks you in the nuts and then nuts on Daisy.

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i want to see john face fuck daisy so bad ;-;

Fuck off out my room space nigger it's full

Probably already happened, just think of the long press junkets and all the time they spend together. Daisy is definitely a BBC Queen.

Turn 360 and beam aboard the starship enterprise and immediately hate fuck dianna troi while wes the cuck records it for the captains log

Daisy kicks you in the nuts, calls for John, they nut on you.

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Daisy shape shifts into John, he kicks you in the nuts and then busts a nut in your ass.

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bruh i hate the BBC thing don't entitle her that, tha t shit wack

Not my fault she wacked him off.

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Tie her down and only expose her butthole. Feed her laxatives, and stream myself snorting her farts on the deep web, while she helplessly watches 2 girls and a cup. Yum

John kicks you in the nuts from behind and then you hear them nut on each other.

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Console her for being in a Star Wars franchise so bad that even Star Wars fans hate it

rape her

Lick her arsehole for a stupid amount of time

John comes in, Daisy kicks him in the nuts and bites your dick off.

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Tell her to fuck off

I tell it to fuck off coz I am not into boys/transgenders.

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Shoot her for breaking and entering

John light sabers your head off and Daisy sucks his dick off.

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You dropped this

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No sticks; No whales.

She could suck me off though

Call the cops so I can report a trespasser.

John still lays in bed, calls you over. You are a puss' and let him fuck you up the bum.
Daisy leaves.

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Oh yes this thousand times!

Not if he moonwalks

ask if she knows any attractive girls who are dtf while trying not to stare directly into her forehead

Forcibly lick her armpits

Daisy kicks you in the nuts, whips out her "female" penis and rapes you down through.

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