This big glorious orange bastard is going to get elected again and all liberals can do is RRRREEEEE

This big glorious orange bastard is going to get elected again and all liberals can do is RRRREEEEE

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he die, from the stress from impeachment
>doesn't exercise
>eat unhealthy fast food only
>over weight

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Donald is gonna get fucked in the mouth.

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He's a selfish dick, he don't care a fuck about common people, only his own profit and his rich friends.

this is not a YLYL thread

Nancy Pelosi loves you however, correct you unhinged liberal?

3 years of watching you dipshits seethe and screech.

5 years to go. Keep going, it's a source of endless entertainment.

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is this all you have going for you in life or something?

hahaha true and will cry in this threat

5/6 replies are crybaby soyboy lib cucks lmao


Keep going, it's what keeps me alive. Watching pathetic little internet faggots like you whine to me year after year about Orange Man Bad.

I question it, honestly. A lot of previous red states are going blue. Trump was an underdog in 2016, but if he gets cocky (and when is he NOT), it's his election to lose

>A lot of previous red states are going blue

You're going to have a cope fest with your soyboy friends Nov 3rd.

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You might be right, since Americans are worthless scum and elect worthless scum to represent them. That doesn't change your inferiority to me. Winning doesn't mean you're better. It just means you cheated successfully.

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>it's what keeps me alive

I guess that's a yes, maybe you should find something else to deal with your mediocrity

imagine being proud that you voted for a guy who can't spell

stay ignorant my friends

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Feel the Bern

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Naw pretty sure that is a heart attack. Plus CNN confirmed he hates women, so he'd just lose.

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OBAMA could get re-elected. What's your point?

bye bye trump

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lol mad and dumb



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>Too stupid to realize when he's being mocked.

KYS, you're too fucking stupid to be wasting my oxygen you pathetic little internet faggot.

Ignorant about your gay fantasies including your daddy?

I'll stay ignorant, you stay queer, faggot.

It's true though. VA, KY, LA, etc have all done a lot of political changes. Not trying to hate, but my whole point was that this type of dismissive attitude leads to surprise upsets. Hillary voters were the same in '16, they thought that it was all in the bag, and look what happened.

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>mad and dumb
very true

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>former war commander
what Iran war?

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Paul D. Eaton (born 1950) is a former United States Army officer most known for his command of operations to train Iraqi troops during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Haha! I'm voting for Trump again.

>wasting my oxygen

I can already see you huffing and puffing as you aggressively type on your grease stained keyboard. You sound incredibly angry.

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damn thats pathetic lmao

You need a hobby.

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Bernie didn’t get the nomination and everyone stayed home. That’s what happened. And will again.

Like trump meme collection is a better?

Lol ISIS barely exist anymore, they just have dozens of factions killing themselves instead of a semi focused group killing themselves. And for tolerance and people who accept everyone, sure as shit use calling him gay as an insult. Which is it? Should we make fun of gays for being different and call trump a gay? Or do we have to hold them onto a higher alter, making them more "equal" then others, which in this constant case, Trump?

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He's going to get elected from prison? Good trick


I wish we could get Bro-Bama back, so we can truly exist in a non-gendered paradise where anyone can be them trueselves, you know??

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.. and you are reading \ responding in what thread again?

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The fat orange drug addict is overdue a massive heart attack hope he dies soon

lol just like that time republicans lost to obama

not even president as russia stole the election for their stooge

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