Ylyl thread, but this time try not to show you have Asperger

Ylyl thread, but this time try not to show you have Asperger

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So which of you retards was this? Own up so we can laugh at you.

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jews are inferior to the germanic but superior to the anglos and slavs

thats why they were able to convince the UK, USA and Russia to rape their way through the european mainland, killing every european male in their way

it's simple really

he doesn't know what he's in for

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Less than 25% of the German population stood up to the Jews. Before that they were raping the fuck out of your country, and continue to do so now. Germany is closer to utter destruction than any other European country. Now go get raped by a Paki then arrested for fighting back.

this is how I picture every Sup Forumstard

That's alpha as fuck thou

>it's simple really
10/10 my fucking sides

Up until he got scared and ran away like a little bitch. The nigger was right, if it's ok to be white then don't hide your face. Stand up proud to be who you are, not just some shadow lurking gaslighting faggot.

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How is any of this funny, this thread is fucking aids

Did you really need attention that bad?


please go kill yourselves you fucking right wing morons all you do is ruin threads

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Not that guy, but this thread is pretty shit tbqh

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No u

>inherited all his money
>gets retards to vote for him
>can't even spell
please kill yourself, retard

like you are hiding behind Sup Forums?

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I'm not. I openly say it's ok to be white to my white and block liberal friends when they start blaming white people for shit.

this pic legit made me lose.

dubs noticed

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>I'm not
You are.

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Prove it.

" I want a man not a child" implies she wants someone who is mature yet she made a very Ill informed, uneducated, and immature decision to become a single mother knowing full well that the father is black and therefore will flee.

Fuck you. You want someone to pay for you and your child. You made your own mess now lie in it.

>inherited all his money
Not true. He inherited a few million from daddy, then turned it into multi-billions

>gets retards to vote for him
Subjective opinion (worthless)

>can't even spell
So what? $20 says if we looked at your twitter / face book we'd find a fuck ton of errors.

My wife divorced me after I showed her this


that's pretty much it

Fuck all you saxons, celtic and gaul forever.


T. Partihan cunt

This whole thread is fuckin cancer.
Fucking normalfags
It's legit like you straight ripped this shit from 2010 9gag.
I was just checking back for nostalgia's sake, but jesus christ this board has been ruined.
I bet you faggots laugh at family guy

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>complains the board is shit
>doesn’t post anything funny to fix it
Post a picture funny guy, let’s see how much you know about funny pictures instead of bitching and making the thread even more shit

"Dont waist my time"

top kek

due not being a faggot im racist though

Dont waste Stacy's time, she needs a man to help her raise Jamals niglet

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Is that a picture of you? The mental capacity would seem correct

Checked but user did you not see the profile picture, toll paid

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I'm showing this to my wife immediately.

Wish me luck.

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>doesn't even take his airpods out


gods speed user, may you be free



It's hard to tell now since even what you guys consider oldfags now got here in like 2010 at the earliest, but there was a time when ylyl itself was considered cancer.

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While is still a faggot, he kinda of right though. Half of this shit is fucking Tumblr memes or r/dankmemes level shit. Of course I won't uselessly complain like that faggot, so here's something.

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>try not to show you have Asperger

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Someone, the fuck is that link?

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As a janitor, i know this feelimg to well.

The fuck?

finally got me

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>Following someone against their will.
>Saying you're going to continue to wait/follow them.
>They're the bad guy.

That shit breaks escalators..

I don't blame him for doing that

He did them a favor. What if they got to the top? He prevented at least one broken leg. That man is a hero.

>if it's okay to be white, why wont you show me your face so I can dox you. We both know we live in a society where whites are vilified, so just let your life be ruined like the good little goy you are.

this guy needs a burn unit

my sides

say it with me


I love Carl Cox


girl with top comment is based and is my twin

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wtf, all those upvotes >D





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Enjoy aids

I didn't know women had this problem too.

Thread is gold

I didn't either. I wonder if it's as sensitive as the scrote or peni

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