Loli thread

loli thread

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This some pedos shit

This is Sup Forums

gotta love Alke

Nah it's pedo shit.

You must be new here.

>You must be new here.
Cringiest answer you could have given. It has nothing to do with being oldfag or newfag, it's about not seeing Sup Forums as represented by pedos and their loli threads.

I ain't clicking this shit. Someone else do it, and tell us what happens.

Those look totally legit... asshat

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Go home faggot. You must be lost

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so, which is it: honeypot or viruses?

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What is cringy here, is the fact that you aren't used to seeing loli threads constantly. Can you get your snowflake opinions out of here and let creeps be creeps.

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Are you going to post the entire 250 page comic everyone has already seen one post at a time?

Does anyone have the full doujin of this?

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Nigger are you seriously fucking saying that you're trying to preserve Sup Forums's reputation? Do you have brain problems? This is Sup Forums, on Sup Forums, it's literally been recognized by the general public as the shithole of the internet where human garbage congregates for more than a DECADE AND A FUCKING HALF and you stroll in here a month ago and decide you're gonna bitch and whine until the shit gets upturned? What kind of learning disability do you have?

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Malware. Tries to plant all kinds of stuff, and all the links inject malformed packets.

Don't see you contributing much?

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This looks like the 'Pomf Pomf Kimochi' girl. I am likely wrong though

Why would I bother when you're just going to silently dump like a stupid faggot.

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fuck off, it's a great comic

It's not that hard to find idiot!

got more of her? also source?

[Inuboshi] Tsukimisou no Akari | The Light of Tsukimi Manor [English] {Hayama Kotono}

Sup Forums658627/5e36342f71/

There now you don't have to wait for a stupid monkey to try and fill out a captcha 210 times.

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Thanks dude. Did you use saucenao?


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Who is this artist?? Pixiv?

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No I just browse tsumino for most of my porn

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Tsunimo, hentai2read, nhentai. Is one superior?

Dude....hottie....whats her number!

Who said I'm not used to it? All I said was, it does not represent Sup Forums, sure it's a part of Sup Forums but it is not Sup Forums. Nobody is stopping you from being a creep, but don't claim that loli is Sup Forums or viceversa.

Yeah Sup Forums is a shithole, but it's not represented by loli, then it would be called /loli/ not Sup Forums. So saying that loli is Sup Forums is wrong. Loli is pedo shit. Feel free to post it as much as you want while you wank you lil weewee but don't try and make it synonomous with Sup Forums.

You should just use sadpanda for doujins

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>So saying that loli is Sup Forums is wrong
>Feel free to post it as much as you want while you wank you lil weewee but don't try and make it synonomous with Sup Forums.
you mad

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yap yap yap

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post more loli anuses

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Bump 2 electric boogaloo

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Bump 3 the reckaning

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What are you new? When people like that talk it’s for attention so don’t respond and let them off them self’s.

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Ravioli ravioli don't lewd the hat loli

Hat Kid lewds you

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Ima be real with you ima lewd all the loli's

This is the way

Child molester thread

Sounds based

Looks like a pic from Unteralterbach


You are not. It is kek

Maniacbox drew those girls too

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You sir are a man of culture.

>caring about Sup Forums's reputation
fucking lol

Also post anal

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How do you access sadpanda ?

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How do you guys see who's contributed and who hasn't?

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Who's fucking who?

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