Im here and now!

Im here and now!

I'm here to change your life.

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you could improve it by killing your self

Prove it faggot!

this thread is now yellow. Enjoy the path that you are on

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the problem is i'm not going to die. But as much as you want I can send you to The Great TO!

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>i'm not going to die
yes you are.

Im sorry. I will be rude

you just became a moron. But you won't feel any difference.

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not today.

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What is the Great TO about?

you don't know that for sure

he is the greatest and most perfect being! Everything, including gods, comes from The Great TO!

It is good and evil, chaos and peace.

and I am His favorite servant.

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Nice dubs

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I would like to reverse the last 15 years, go back to when I was 18 and have another try.

How did you figure out you were?
How do you contact the great TO?

I'm sure about this.
I don't turn back time. The future depends on the present - here and now.
it's easy. I can ask him

and also simple. I turn around and speak to him.

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I just want to stop thinking or existing.
Im trying so hard to get over my ex after she dumped me for the 2nd time
I hate myself for loving her, i want to kms

Found you heretic come here so I can exorcise the evil away from your ghost looking ass

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U better check the trips this time faggot, and if u have some decency, the dubs too


Time heals all wounds. You could try to find someone better and just leave her.

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should I kms or not?

echoes. Come on. let's get it over with. the problem is that I'm not a demon, god, angel, ghost, fairy etc.

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definitely not. why would you do that

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>sees thing ignoring me and get angry
>start spraying holy wate

*sweats* does it hurt? hahaha thought so little demon. I'm gonna catch my first demon today lucky me.

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If I won't feel any difference it will be impossible for me to know you have done anything therefore you haven't proven shit.

Let's just do some easy stuff say something about me or where I am at the moment and I might have a reason to believe you.

eh? who is this?

I know. Because I reduced your IQ by one point.

no. did not work. You splashed me with water .. and?

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>I'm here to change your life.
OK please do. for the better
>I've dealt with enough shit lately

So OP I'm in abit of a problem, I got the Big gay and my family is super conservative. My immediate family is ok with it, but I'm in contact with my extended family alot and their all super religious cattle farmers from Iowa.

I'm fine keeping it to myself, but they will eventually know, and I'm scared that all thr people who were so nice to me my whole life are going to hate me from now on.

The worst part is I know I dissapointed my father and he has so little to live anymore, it seems like he just wants the ling cancer to take him now and it's all my fault

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I was already healed from the 1st time and i made the fucking mistake of dating her again.
Im trying my best to move on but even though she killed my self esteem and emotions i still want her
I know i should forget about her but its difficult.
I just want to stop thinking

the only true servant of The Great TO!

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so do you have any power? or are you just giving advice?

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I lack a sense of urgency in following my past times. I want to learn an instrument, do more volunteering stuff (I am a red cross first responder, but work swallowed up my time to do a whole lot there and now I reached a point where I barely feel like I want to do anything there). Actually, I just want to think that whatever I fucked up in my life, I tried to make things acceptable.

I think I am doing ok. I don't really think there is anything you can do about that, and even if you did, my accomplishments shall be my own. For what it's worth, I just wanted to say that you seem like a good entity.

to relive my family from my uselessness
they deserve to be happy again

What, you want me to jack you off or something?

i wonder about that time thing. I don't think this actually work, or at least not by itself.

The only way it works if you got something else instead of what you lost, and than given time, it will replace the previous lost whatever.

Its not even "stop thinking about it" just cause you wont think about it it wont magically go away. Or perhaps if you wait long enough, like the end of your life or till your memory completely fades you're good.

>eyes widen and heart starts beating faster
>sees it doen't work and fear starts to kick in was just a..a test to see if I can touch you o...or something...not that I care...heretic

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Listen here, you allowed these dubs to stay unchecked, ima go ahead and check'em cause i still have some faith that you can do it but please learn from your mistakes and you past faggotry and check the trips and dubs it still hurts me to see that there were 2 trips unchecked, lost in the past, on the other thread

The Great TO looks at you with affection.
real parents always accept their children. Regardless of who they are. Look at the mothers of the killers.

I understand that it is painful. But the truth is always better than lying.
Well. You need to take care of yourself and your self-esteem. Meet someone who really appreciates you. The Great TO nods in understanding.

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Who are you? How will you change my life?

I’d like my leg back, or at least a prosthetic with bendable toes. Can you hook that up?

what do you mean by power?
thank you. I believe that The Great TO will reward you.
you will stop feeling pain. Because you'll just pass it on to the whole family.
if magical forgetfulness worked, people wouldn't get into alcoholism or drug addiction because of that.

from now on it will matter. I promise.
calmly. I don't eat souls, I don't trade them and I don't need them at all.

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Humans have an amiable capacity to make good things out of bad things. Splitting up with your significant other? You may get happy by being with someone else. Work or career plans didn't work out for you? You will find other things to contend with. Your health is fucked so now you can't do what you have done before? You can work on your health, some people take pride in doing well in spite of, and not because of the hand they're dealt. It's not the time that heals, it's the process of recognising a lost cause and replacing it with a new one, or several. There is enough shit to do in life.

Who is The Great TO?

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I will not restore your legs ... I cannot influence it. But you have to sit down now and look on the internet or look for a new prosthesis tester. You can always ask your doctor about this. I realize that it is very expensive. But technology is moving forward.
I am a being.

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I'm on the same level as a murderer to my family. That's great

It's not like my dad hates me I just can tell hes really crestfallen. I practically assured him that by the end of fall semester I would have a girlfriend, ended up with a boyfriend instead. Been one hell of few months, but I'm glad I have myself figured out.

I'm just really sad about disappointing my father, and the rest of my dumb family can go fuck themselves, the super religious types I have liked anyway.

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To be fair you have reduce my iq by a lot more with sorry LARP

Last chance to get me to feed your attention starved self.

Guess two letters in sequence from my name.

For example if we would do it whit the name: LARP Faggot we could get AR or gg or go af or LA..... you catch the drift.

-> wise one is very pleased to hear.

I don't regret choosing humans

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b..bu..but I a apprentice exorcist..
What wait you don't need all SOULS? You shouldn't even have to get them in the first place!
>frowns and hits the shadowy figure on the head with the bible that she still was holding in her hand.
Shame on you~

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so The Great TO is a creator entity? a origin point from which all things spring from?

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Send me a sign you have these powers.

and how should I know that? I can guess the name - disappointment.
I would like to remind you that religion teaches love for one's neighbor. If they can't live with it, they'll end up in 'hell'.
aua. Can you banging on tits?

exorcisms work on demons. I am not a demon.

> grabs the Bible and throws it out the window.

because you blew me up with numbers ... I have to fulfill your specific wish....

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you call it chaos. in my language it is an untranslatable wordplay 'start' 'middle' 'end'
it has already happened. You are here.

You like the girl you meet often. That blonde girl

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>smiles smugly and looks at the numbers.
At least I have God's side with the number part~
>hears the word "wish" and grins
I dare you to....kiss me
>looks down and blushes are the first paranormal entity I've seen..and you asked about my breasts...may..maybe if you play your cards right you..c..can see them~

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ooh ooh do me next

so what? you want to kill my body, right? But even that won't stop me.

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oh shit. tell me, what am i doing now?

So are you even human op?

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> dumbfounded
> The Great TO laughs.

.... if I have to ...

> long, intentional kiss.

what you want, little soul

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>scratches head and looks confused
Huh...there are two The other one...was nice to are a meanie...the other one complimented me and...granted me a...wish~

>what you want
uhh... ok?

I have no idea. you are waiting for me to write back to you.

I need to own a human body to be able to touch anything etc.

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Can I fuck you?

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unfortunately. It's only me.
but I must admit that I am very pleased

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>Looks at the creatures glowing eyes and smiles
You aren't that bad after all, heretic. Maybe I'll convert by the great gospel of TO one day if you...can...m..mak..f..force me to~
>squirms while holding its arm

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I don't like it that much.

I still have a guy's body.

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what are you without the human body you own? are you a separate entity different from the human or a human changed by TO?

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OP, another thread another fail, you disappoint and disgust me

I will not do anything against your will.

> hugs

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It's okay, dicks are cool. If physically you're more on the masculine side we can change that. You'll be my cute gf(bf). I'll treat you well. I promise :3

>winks at the dark creature

I am something akin to shadow. Just as your souls comment on a newborn body, so do I by touching the person's shadow.

I react.

what do you expect? Confetti? laser rifle? Donuts?

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No he's mine! He's is only mine. He's my cute little dark heretic~...YOU CANT HAVE HIM!
>looks at you angry

Come at me bro

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>holds the creature tightly by its arm and looks at it sheepishly
You aren't the brightest one when it comes to...hints~ Also what is your name creature, mine is Sophie!

nah~ he'll beat you...

I already told you, you must check em, especially when you have been blessed by quints

I started to be afraid ...

> smile

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Anyone can talk tough.

That's Reassuring I guess

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are not. I react. I don't know what you want more?

but I can't hurt humans ...

it's against my nature.

who wants a packet of gold?

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Nothing to be afraid of, I'd treat my girl(boy) like a true princess. I hope you like spooning, we'll spend a lot of time like that.

>grabs a bible and hits the degenerate
>smiles sheepishly
did you say TALK? I couldn't hear you from the smack that you got degenerate. You are jelly cause he's better looking and nicer than you

meant for

name? ... eeem ...

just Iradan (it's a variation of my name)
It depends. You can go back to the bodies. If I die, I don't know what will happen. We usually devour enemies ... for example, I ate two Rake and Mothman

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>so do I by touching the person's shadow.
so possession? but instead the human willingly let you posses him?

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Damn that's hot. Hell, I will give you a good tumble if you want it that bad.

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> massaging the head.

I feel like you're trying to kill me.

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no. this also took place at birth. Only human bodies can withstand such overload.

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Awww~ sorry I missed the degenerate trying to turn you into a girl Iradan...
>kisses his head where the booboo is

Is this Sup Forums really come to? Some kind of rp larpinh faggy shit? I love it.

Same, I'm rock hard already.

back. Can not.

you can think what you want.

And I'm serious.

I'm having fun if it pleases someone.

maybe I will break some rules ... and curse you.

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this knowledge you have. How did you come upon it. Did you know from birth? was it suddenly revealed? slowly learned?

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No it's fine, I just want to fill your pretty face with my man juice. Come on boy, I really want your ass!

when you acquire a new body, you rarely remember your previous lifetime.

this is not my incarnation as such, so I remember everything (unless I forgot something - I don't know, I don't remember)

in other words, it can be called possession of an empty vessel.

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yeah~ Iradan curse that heretic!

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