New CAT LOLI thread

New CAT LOLI thread.

>Last one before another episode of depression for OP.

So let's make it cute and fluffy.

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is this toxoplasmosis gondii?

"david is man was inscribed in blood and shit upon entrance, right next to the stairwell to the dungeons managed by Carlos"
your mother


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that dumb user is trying to sound smart as the thing he was asking about is a parasite found in cat shit that makes mice, and other small mammals, seek out cats.
It's hypothesized it has a similar effect on humans (it's also theorized that a sizable portion of humanity is infected...)

oh look, a faggot

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downscales ;_;

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And again... wat?

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more cute ones pls

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I think the user was asking if those posting pics and starting these cat loli threads are infected by toxoplasmosis.

What is so alluring about cat girls?

Man now this is the cutest shit i've ever seen in a while in these threads.
Ohh... wow...

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The cats
The girls

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>The cats

The cradle and the silver spoon. ftfy

The coon


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Reminds me of 'loli in a box'

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maybe you wouldn't be so depressed if you didn't make 10 threads a day that were 90% you silently posting 150 images at yourself.

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At least I'm not a nigger.

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P.S. most thread I made were 3.

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Keep telling yourself that.

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Said a sad pedo faggot waiting to get jailed. Ohh at least my threads reach limit, unlike your shitstorm loli porn threads.

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>haha im not a pedo i just look at sexual images of cartoon children
>btw im sooo depressed pls pay attention to me

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I think you hit a nerve

>Mad faggot try to be relevant in a thread that doesn't want him.

Sure bro. I still welcome you. Post your shit if that makes you happy.

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go back to your 3D thread nigger

OP said I'm welcome.

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>has his own thread
>proceeds to shit on others' threads
this is why no one likes you pedos

Why are you in a loli thread if you're not a pedo?

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fuck off nigger

Good answer.

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>Thinks everthing that starts with loli is sexual...
Damn bro you're just mad, and irrelevant. Just calm down. Maybe watch less porn. It helps.

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You're welcome to post nekomimi, not that trash. Pls

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This isn't sexual either retard.

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fuck off
kill yourself pedoshitter

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Here you go

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Leave him alone dude. He thinks he's trolling and derailing. Let him be delusional, he'll leave.

Whatever you say bro.

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all pedos like you should die painfully
you're an absolute asshole shitting on a perfectly good catloli thread
go back to your own thread

Here you go

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Yeah... thank you for continuing the shitstorm with the mad dude... Like telling him to die is magically going to fix him and stop posting...

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The toddlercon 3D shit is kinda fucky, but I dont think catloli posters can have the moral high ground on this one.

More fighting, please

>look at the file names
Dude... this dude is just a shitstorm troll. He just got the images from lolobooru for shits and gigles.

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>posts a picture of a cartoon that looks like a 11 year old shoving her panties in the face of the viewer

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this is why no one should recommend that site and go for gelbooru or pixiv instead, so they spam relevant lolis

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pixiv has some good stuff

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lolibooru is also relevant for quality cat lolis.
pixiv is for oc.
This dude is just a troll, thinking he's really pissing off people. Or maybe just a mad pedophile.

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Genuinely what is your argument for this picture not having a sexual arousal element?

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It doesn't?

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I don't need to answer to you. Just post your 3d shit and get it over with.

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>literally no argument
>responds anyway

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More front on vag pics pls