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doll thread

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She's a cutie. Wonder if they make bodies like this with more realistic silicone.

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That's gonna take some time to clean...

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Not exactly a doll but this video..


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Oh my god I’d never leave my house

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looks just like my friend’s daughter.

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dolls are fine aslong the didnt look like kids or less then 18

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I want a doll that looks like a 14 yr old. Maybe 13. Haven't found the right skinny with a waist body shape yet.

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very nice toys!

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Any pregnant dolls under 2k usd?

shut the fuck up cancel-culturalist, go hang yourself

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oh my god loooool

yes where who how

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i'm surprised that no one is making the "torso" version of these dolls

Where to buy?

nevermind, i'm a retard

Got my akira a week ago and im so happy with her. will post pics when i figure out lighting


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Thank you! happy to finally be a part of the community

Akira is a very cute doll. I'm looking forward to seeing your pics of her

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not sure what is more filthy. you or your doll.

clean the doll, shave that filth

Just got home.

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where can you get flat-chested dolls

You fucking degenerate

Hgdoll has a few different ones. Dollter and a few others also carry them.

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Got my first one yesterday

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Dont have access to my usual pasta atm, so good luck!

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Is anyone in this thread able to look their parents in the eyes anymore?

Of course, especially as im slow fucking my dolls.

Gotta maintain that eye contact yo

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We call em legal age underdeveloped midgets

Do the Prego dolls require more eggs than a normal doll?

Perhaps even all the eggs

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Teens Links list.
> See the chan. Hope you'll find what you want...


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my doll who arrived last week
i've still gotta do some clothes shopping for her

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i wanted to get a smaller doll, not necessarily loli but just smaller
at 145 cm this was about the smallest i could go without potentially getting into a lot of legal trouble
shes 28kg and i hurt my back the other day lifting her up
it's obvious the law makers in this country have never tried to pick one of these things up before

For sure man, larger dolls get heavy as fuck. Both of mine are around 21kg and it can wear ya out moving them a bunch in....energetic poses

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what size are your dolls?

Mine are both 145cm silicones.

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Does the Doll Discord still exist? Some faggoty ass setting on my new computer won't let me run Discord anyways

But reading a new scare story from Cuckstralia practically every day made me homicidal and I feel the need to talk about constructive or destructive things we can do about it. I can't realistically see myself getting taken alive in such a scenario.

Can't post link to the story but thanks for nothing hiroshit

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Ye it do, lemme poke dg about it. Out of town so no direct access atm

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interesting, same height as mine i wonder where the extra 7 kgs comes from
.... might have to put her on a diet

yeah it still exists. i can give you a link to my interview server or you can DM me on allthefallen

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DS silicones use a layering method to shave off weight. Im guessing yours are probably TPE or Sanhuis if silicone (the gel stuff adds a bit back)

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was a guy in south australia just the other day i think got his house raided over a doll
in a way i'm kind of glad this country is on fire, i feel god has set this country ablaze as punishment for all the fucking madness
we have a massive drug problem in this country but nah lets go after harmless inanimate objects that don't hurt anyone

I was already there last year, but I may never get Discord to work anyway. Just curious if I had missed the server getting disappeared.

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Why is the fake rubber snatch blurred out?

Cute doll, could you share the name and brand?

Wasnt that the guy who was busted just for some random bottom half torso, not even a full doll that could realistically have been determined to be anything but a lump of silicone?

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yeah that county really is a mess

a few people have had trouble with discord lately, but the server is still fine. if you ever get it working and need a new invite just find me on allthefallen

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Fuck post more don't stop

if dolls reinforce positive sexualization towards children then violent tv shows and games encourage violence
but even if that were the case you are taking someone who obviously already has an attraction to children but if you take away their outlet what does that leave them with?


Almost as if he wanted to get taken in, but why?
Everyone and their dog has to know the laws by now.
So you would know that your life is over, regardless, if you are found out. To not plan accordingly for that day, so that you're not stuck in a cell like Epstein minus the privilege and extra protection, seems foolhardy.