Be me today

>be me today
>make lots of Jew jokes
>Jew kid overheard them
>gets upset saying that it's not funny
>don't really care
>he tries to physically intimidate me
>shoves me
>I'm a foot taller than him and know for a fact that I'm stronger as well
>bystanders are watching and their is security cams around
>have to let it go for now and walk away
>no gonna look like a hero for pounding a kike after making holocost jokes
>start Ploting my revenge
Any ideas Sup Forums

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you have to be 18 to post here


Looks like you got me with this witticism it's almost as funny as the idea that epstiens death was a suicide

shouldn’t you be in school

Stay in school

You are not cool for coming here. You are the dirt beneath my shoe. Go pretend to be a big boy somewhere else.

>even in his fantasies he still makes himself sound like a pathetic cuck

cringe. you sound autistic

At least this confirms all the jew posts here come from edgy teenager.

give the blighter a baggie of ashes
with cum on them
tell him
>I fucked your grandma
dubs heiled

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Sure, do that so I can have good laugh when you get expelled and exposed all over the internet. You'll never have a job or a life again, we'll make sure of it. You all say it yourselves every day. "The jews control everything". So are you afraid of reprisal or aren't you? Pick one.

oy vey already

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Underage b&

You sound like an edgy preteen holy fuck. Instead of revenge you should reconsider your life choices

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the replies so far are just dumb asses that got their consecutive porn threads interrupted.

first off, if you're in America, don't bother doing anything because you'll get expelled for muh-antisemitism. even so, your best bet is escalating shit with him and leaving race out of it

if you're not in goyim-country and no one would give a shit if you call him a jew, taunt him with it until he folds and swings first

See ya kiddo.

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Bruh let the young fags stay

STFU OP, go do your homework.

Damn that sounds pretty cringy, nothing you do op will be good, you'll always look like the asshole, that jew actually sounds alright, not many people would stand up to someone a lot bigger than them.

"Fever dreams of basement dweller".
Odds: You are a pasty faced incel of indeterminate gender preference. You would shit yourself in an actual physical confrontation.