The Sun has fallen out of orbit and is on a collision course with Earth

>The Sun has fallen out of orbit and is on a collision course with Earth
>you must spend the next 18 months in a specially constructed underground bunker with 20 anons until the surface is habitable again
>you're allowed one and only one kino to bring into the bunker
choose wisely, Sup Forums. you'll have to watch it every day for 18 months.

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Please no anons and no kino.
I don't want to go to hell.

The room

>the sun has fallen out of orbit
Fucking what

Human Centipede

easy Beverly Hills Cop

How long do you think a human centipede could live?

We would all be dead long before the sun got anywhere near the planet, we would literally bake to death within seconds

What the fuck is a kino? Fucking kids these days, I swear
Also, How would the fucking sun fall out of orbit? Did you fail Earth and Space science?

This is a really poorly planned thread

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about 5 pounds.

Please go back to school.

ok boomer

but he's finished school, he's probably just american.

Stop making up retarded words

No man, they teach you that the Earth orbits the sun in the 4th grade here. He's probably a nigger. They don't pay attention at all during class

It's not a made up word. It comes from the Proto-Indo-European root ``keie-'', meaning ``to set in motion''.


What a shit show of a thread.

Okay ignoring the orbit thing all together.
What sense would it make to hide underground if hypothetically an object as big as the sun were on a collision course with the earth? It would be pointless and the entire earth would be destroyed.

My favorite comedy a Serbian film

This is stupid

> the sun has fallen out of orbit
My sides... surely your joking

Nice comeback retard

Chocolate milk

How the fuck does the Sun fall out of orbit when Earth is the one orbiting

I only clicked this post to make sure someone had pointed that out

If sun fell out of orbit we would fall with it, it might get warmer or colder, but the sun wouldn't collide


>collision course
>everything on earth wouldn’t be engulfed by flames
Shit thread lads onto the next one

the sun is orbiting Sagitarius A.


It's also millions of light-years away, if the sun were knocked from its orbit, we would barely notice. Let alone have an immediate need to hide underground and watch a fake word all day.


Only question now is if the sun is made of lava or ice?

>the sun has fallen out of orbit

Christ lads wtf

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