Walk into gym

>walk into gym

>see this

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>leave gym and jerk off at home

>leave gym
>cancel membership
>start going to a different gym


surprise butsex!

"We get it. You crossfit."

>Drop to knees and start licking that hole

>leave you alone there

Turn 360 degrees and walk away because I'm not a mentally disabled faggot.

Christ you losers need to go to church.

all gyms are for faggots

you sure about that mentally disabled part?

Top kek

>Newfag doesn't understand the meme

People will actually fall for this

>If you reply to this your a retard

Really nibba?

Why is his ass so chiseled? I thought guys usually had unimpressive, hairy asses. I'm not gay, but that is a nice ass


yay for gardia!

really nicca?

Do squats, lunges and run hills

i'd cancel my membership as this is clearly planet fitness