Black body hair

>Black body hair
>Ginger pubes

Wtf are genetics

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Jesus I’m glad I’m not ginger. Shave your pubes and keep them shaved. Nothing dries a pussy faster than unpacking a dick only to have a circus bush pop out at her. You’re god’s clowns.

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I usually keep pubes trimmed

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Hot pubes op

easy 8/10 would beg to be nose deep in your pelvis.

Id do it the other way so its sliding down my throat and I get to have his balls slap me in the face.

my mustache is brighter then the rest of my beard

You’re a woman right?

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>with these fingers
see a doctor


Where there's smoke, there's fire.


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Its a nice cock. And the thought that I can make him feel good with my mouth makes me hard.

My fingers are fine

I can’t cum from a blowjob from men. I’m not gay. A 40 year old Scottish man paid me 250 if he could suck my dick but I couldn’t ejaculate. Women only.

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>My fingers are fine

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can you show it skin forward?

Skin forward?

I don’t see the issue. You’re overreacting

not having your foreskin pulled back

Jesus christ you are a big ol homo. Seriously tone that shit down a bit. Nobody likes a flamer, especially one that lisps as he criticises a guys fingernails.

gay af bro

I don’t usually take photos of my dick with my foreskin not pulled back but this is the only one I didn’t delete

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looking hella nice if you ask me, do post more of your dick

got any soft and pulled back?

Looks like they are covered in Cheeto dust.

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you look nice

Oddly enough it’s only black women who show me attention. I lost my virginity to a black girl in college

why do you only take pictures of it pulled back?

Looks better that way

oh, I think covered looks nice too

Only dicks that look good covered are hung ones

nah, your dick looks like it could be really nice hard and covered.

Got any other hard pics?