I look like this. I'm 6'2, 190 lbs 9% body fat, living on a college campus in Miami...

I look like this. I'm 6'2, 190 lbs 9% body fat, living on a college campus in Miami. I play guitar like an absolute riot. I have a real major (quantitative economics, which counts as the M of STEM) and I am on track to make decent money. I'm not mean to anybody unless they were mean to me first. I am confident and assertive. Why the fuck can I not get laid? Normally when someone asks that question, they're a short, fat, NEET gamer kissless incel virgin with a loathsome personality. Is there something in my personality that's incredibly off putting that I just can't pinpoint? Or are 2020 women really so picky that even a guy like me is out of consideration?

>inb4 "you look retarded XD", if you're gonna claim I'm not good looking post yourself to compare

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Because you're likely a clinical narcissist, judging by how you talk about yourself. You probably creep women out.

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it's because you're ugly

You live in Miami. You better be on your A game in the 305. STart with changing your hair and just lighten up some, you look like youre trying too hard.

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You, sir or madam, display many signs of a psychopath. Mostly in the light of how you portray yourself as this ultimate figure/perfect person. Lighten the fuck up and be more relaxed and approachable. Thousand yard stare wont get you laid. Stop thinking of your own status so much.

U are probably rapey American psycho typr, roids getting to your head too, consider becoming a date rapist since you got the looks.

What he said. You ever see american psycho? And stop fucking pursing your lips.

Nice tits, also business school does not count as STEM you pretentious twat.

I'm afraid to post a picture of myself. You look like the type to try and find me so you can force me to be your top.

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This fucking bleached hair is one of the problems

They're called pecs you skinny freak. Also quantitative Economics is STEM and managed by the math department at UM (I may have just doxxed myself but I really don't give a shit)

Who peed on your head and made you get man-tits?

The only M you're studying is getting Manhandled like a sissyboi

You look gay

Now this douchebag wants to critcize and harass people trying to help him.

Many times. Don't women fantasize about serial killers / rapists? Also my braces are pushing my lips outward, they'll come off in August.

I've heard darker hair is more attractive on men. Dying mine back to its original color would be an easy fix.

I'm 5'10, look like a beaver and the only time I stepped in a university campus was to fix a leaky pipe. I probably make more money than you and if we were in the same country I'd be subsidising your nonsensical diploma with my tax money. Lol joking I'm self-employed so I dodge like a madman, enjoy your debt.
Also you don't get laid because you're a faggot. I'd sock you in the face if I saw you at my local pub and get away with it because even the police would laugh at you.

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Right, that guy's comment was so helpful

Smile with or without braces. Smiles are approachable. That weird pout is pervy. Women arent entirely open to public knowing their fetish unless it is. They like the idea but usually not by those who display they know or display actual rapists.

Waaah Wahhh waaah anyone who tries to claim STEM from business school knows they aren't in STEM and has a fucking inferiority complex about it.

Go tell and engineer you are in STEM and watch them laugh at your sad ass.

Being desperate and pretensions is probably half of your problem.

Also most girls probably assume you are gay, and gay dudes probably think you are a slasher.

you can see that you love yourself a little bit too much. just from the picture I can tell that you are just little bit too vain. And that is incredibly off putting to girls, I think in my opinion and experience of this planet in 32 years, unless you have the confidence to back it up.

Lol, what country are you from? Germany or the UK I'm guessing? The only working you'll be doing is fapping as your s.o. gets raped by refugees, because you'll be charged with a hate crime if you interfere you fucking Eurofag.

Now this guy gets pussy!

You have a shit personality is why

>his mind immediately turns to niggers committing rape
This is why you don't get laid faggot, now go lube that mutilated cock and fap for the 3rd time today.

What's your social life like? Like do you hang out with people at bars or clubs or concerts? Without knowing anything about your personality its hard for me to guess. You are pretty hot, if you were gay Id be down. So it's probably not that. My first guess is you just need to be out there in social contexts where women go to meet men. You don't just meet random women in life at the grocery store.

Purse your lips more twink

That is a good point. I haven't gone out to a bar in close to 2 months.

Don’t lie I’m at 13% bf and have a lot more definition than what your boasting about

I bet you have a similar personality to pic related

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Because you're fucking lame, way too into yourself, and probably not funny or nice to talk to.

It’s because you are a liar and bitches hate liars.

>Blackhawks fan

Here's my prediction:

He doesn't hang around the dudebros in Business School because he is "STEM" and too good for them (even though they are the ones getting laid). He can't hang around actual STEM majors because they laugh at him coming from business school, plus he considers them nerds.

His roommate hates him because he spends more time in the bathroom than most women, and he got stuck with the weirdo roommate.

He wanders around campus eating alone and is the weird guy, but that's OK because he is better than everyone else.

Id recommend concerts and music events specifically. Its a context where like minded people go to have fun and interact with one another. Most people are nor opposed to making new friends there, and potentially more than that.

>sucking in cheek
>dyed hair
>dressing like a faggot
10/10 on the faggotscale

Yeah, you and Donald Trump., Stop thinking about how good you are, idiot!

I mean, I'm sure your Grinder profile will pick up someday.

It's the hair.

What specifically about it?

That bleach color looks terrible with your skin tone . You should shave it off

Why not just dye it brown?

Your blonde queen hair ain't soaking any panties my dude. Grow it out like a real man

Mostly the color, but the style itself looks very 90s.
Not in a good or nostalgic way.

Maybe because you're a prissy narcissistic wannabe fuckboy?

It's got to be your personality dude.

> Not even 6' tall
> 8" dick and a rocking body is about all I have going for me
> Self loathing burnout
> Think I play guitar like shit
> Born trailer trash
> Barely take care of myself
> Probably an alcoholic
> Bathe twice a month whether or not I need it.
> History of drug abuse
> Criminal record
> Treat every job like it's disposable, (mostly manual labor with Mexicans)
> College dropout
> Did I mention self loathing
> Major problem with telling people exactly what I think
> Name on tinder was "scumbag"
> get laid on a regular basis
> end up with amazing intelligent sexy kind affluent wife
> i do not deserve good karma or good luck.
> But I'm a real man and a piece of shit who has moments of genuine kindness

Maybe Stop pampering yourself like a twink and maybe you'll attract women.

A good body I like a fishing lure. You just need to reel them in dude.

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Hello I'm a "NEET gamer" with a loathsome personality, even a bit of an asshole creep.

I have never had problems talking to women, and if there's a girl I wanted to date, I'd just tell her I was interested. Just, learn how to communicate with women, yeah you have the ego- but do you have the confidence to be assertive without being threatening?

Also, no offense, but you're very "pretty" and I mean, if you're gay that's cool, but I'm thinking that's what some women might be thinking. That's what my initial assumption would be, do you dye your hair?

Also this guy, although violent, has a point, good advice.

Focus on your studies, then once you're actually working and living as an adult your perspective might change.

For contrast, here's my ugly mug acting like a soyboy.

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I would change the hair if it were me, no offense intended.

Show dick
>nohomo uwu

>criminal record
what for and did you go to prison?

You sound like you have an inflated ego caused by insecurity, which both are easy to spot and unattractive to females

You play guitar? Alright man, let me here you play

Its very simple OP.... You're trying to date women when you clearly love cock.

ITT: LARPing fat NEETs

And you forgot to say you are queer as a football bat.

Ding ding ding, this right here.

>quantitative Economics

this is a business degree - just because the math dept controls it, doesn't make it a stem degree stfu.

Even if you are a homo, I don't care.
You wanting to suck my dick doesn't make me gay

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None taken, that's what this is about. Do you have any suggestions?

You look like a typical Miami twink. I bet you’d do well at Haulover. Ever been with a guy? Give it a shot. I couldn’t get girls either...then I realized women knew what I didn’t: I’m gay.

you're a sociopath. women don't like you because you are narcissistic and creepy and post on Sup Forums bragging about yourself.

I'll just paraphrase it.
14 felonies and 52 misdemeanors just as a juvenile. Arson, b&e, gta, malicious destruction of private property, grand theft, credit fraud... Oh and I got caught smoking cigarettes and busted with weed twice. Had to choose between prison and military reform school.
That's all before I was even 15

As an adult: violent shit. Busted with a QP of shrooms.
Been to jail 8 times, prison once in Pakistan for smuggling guns and drugs.
Kicked out of the military blah blah blah

But I have been relatively tame for the past 8 years because I calmed the fuck down as I got older.

Would you recommend a shrink?

And also
>Normally when someone asks that question, >they're a short, fat, NEET gamer kissless >incel virgin with a loathsome personality.

You put yourself way up there and look down on others. That's not Alpha, you sound like an absolute dipshit. Get your heard out of your own ass and loosen up and be a better person.
People will avoid you without telling you why, and read over your original post; that's why.

Never met you and I already don't like you.

Youre a clear sociopath, if u wanna get laid just fuck a prostitute smfh

As you said, personality. You get laid because you can at least admit to your faults. OP seems to think he's an Adonis. It's a fair comparison when considering the true aspect of 'confidence' that females find attractive.


>no timestamp
GTFO and stop wasting honest people's valuable time.

>prison once in Pakistan for smuggling guns and drugs
holy shit what was that experience like? I heard the guards are corrupt as fuck there

I’ll fuck ya.

LOL, I weigh 380 pounds and look like hammered shit, and I've already had more pussy then you'll ever see. Sucks to be you! :D

ok, LARP.

d-do you have kik?

Perhaps I should have included my shortcomings.
I can be awkward in social situations. I keep to myself most of the time because I don't know how not to. I sometimes I stutter or lisp slightly. I'm already aware that this stuff negatively affects me and thus did not feel the need to mention it, as I am looking for other people's hypotheses.

That's the brunt of it dude.
Know your flaws and have accountability.

I think social networking has given people this false security in presenting a persona,. A plastic front. A fake mask. Airbrushed and edited lives presented like a used car dealership's advertisements.

People disregard other people's problems and flaws as drama, but to them it's life.
Just be real. Worked for me.

We can only assume your personality is absolute shit. You're essentially Elliot Rodger.

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Yeah I know. But that's just what I was caught for

Cry about it you faggot.

You have something called narcissistic personality disorder

>9% body fat
i doubt that

It's not much fun, I can tell you that.
Spent a few months in a4'x4' cell. Maybe 5' ceiling.Toilet was a hole drilled in the floor. I wasn't on the top floor either.
Now I have hardcore coprophobia and I don't swim much, waterboarding is hell.

Use to. I'm on FetLife.

You talk shit Pakistan would have murdered your ass for smuggling guns an drugs get the fuck outta here faggot

What ever gives you insecurity or area you lack confidence in - is exactly the reason you have any issues with the opposite sex. The brain is smarter than you realize, it recognizes your deficient areas. It also tries to make up where you lack subconsciously.
>Hence the stereotype of men with small penises buying expensive or oversized toys.
You learned the guitar because of your fear of speaking with bitches.
You dye your hair, because you want them to look at your head but not your eyes.
You look like a fag because you really want dick not pussy.
You work out, to help build confidence.

It all makes sense. Just "be yourself" but better. Realize your shortcomings, but don't let your subconscious try to fix it. Be more active, that's how we grow as people. But seriously dude, that hair - try a new look for a new you.

you didnt "calm the fuck down", your testosterone levels decreased.

that's fucking terrible man, why did they do that to you tho, were you causing trouble?

Are you the cunt that said they did time in a Pakistani jail? Because they ain't got no single cells in Pakistan it's a overcrowded shit hole

White Privileged faggot, you never hear of it?

what's your username there?
lurkergeorge here

Na man spent time in jail it was not no Pakistani jail ha

And you know everything about nothing eh?

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You look like the faggot that you are asshole

>Pakistan for drugs

No need to lie bro. You wouldn't be posting if you had been busted in pakiland for drugs.

You're a bottle blond with pursed lips. Women probably assume you're a faggot.

Probably lolI was an American soldier and their propaganda trophy.
Tried to extort money from my family and negotiate my trade but once they realize uncle Sam wanted nothing to do with me they put me in gen pop to be delt with.
They didn't know I could speak a little Bosnian (grew up in a ghetto with refugees)

You been there?
Mach central is shut down now.
Learn your shit before you speak it, faggot

It looks like you'd be at your best with a little more beard going on. Not lumberjack hipster beard, but a weeks worth of fuzz would make the jaw line more appealing imo. When you have a strong jaw line like that I think the most aesthetically pleasing look is to go high and short, shaved in the sides, tidy lines. Dont want to police your personal style but the color is kind of retro. Its kind of of 90s blond boy band kid. If you want color just do unnatural color. At least it's deliberate and unapologetic. Im not against that like some people, but I like a commitment. "Yeah I have blue hair fuck you" is cooler than an unnatural shade of blonde sorta blending in.

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What's it like knowing everything about nothing?

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This +

I'm an engi and QE is pretty hard math
Obv. Not engineer level but still better than feminist studies

that's rough, being in great shape probably helped you though, had it been someone weaker they wouldnt be so lucky
did you pass out from the water boarding?