Trap thread

Trap thread

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Why are all traps on these threads non-passing? Shouldn't a trap be a guy so cute and hot straight men would walk right into before finding out he's got a dick?

I joined Fetlife to fuck traps and women... Whoops I became very fem and turned into a trap too. Fun times

There are a lot of incel and just lonely loser boys who want affection that have turned to cross dressing. Definitely makes the quality take a hit.
If you CD that's fine but you're not a trap I dont think everyone gets that

Twinks and CDs think they classify as Traps
I would love myself a love-starved cute boy but... Again, most posts here are just assshots where you can catch a glimpse of an extremely masculine body ruining the entire Trap experience

That's where I come in. Very healthy wavy long hair, feminine face, curves in the right place. I joined fetife last month to see what would be available for someone like me and I've already fucked other traps, a passable (for being old) 79 year old transgender, and a black woman. I don't even have to hide my face.

Any traps interested in being a momdom for an 18/m?

Let me know and i'll drop my kik.

Pics/timestamp required

Yeah fuck you loser. I am selective about who jerks off to me, and look where we are.

Ok why you here then

Too much bitching. Not enough pictures

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Im on fet for my local area bdsm stuff. Definitely a better way to go about meeting than Sup Forums or kik.

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>you look like a scrawny skeletal it nerd with greasy hair and a nasal male nerd voice

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Not traps. Anyone not (you)d, thanks for actually contributing

Those soles look so good. More?

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just the face

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bunny girl

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wait bunny?

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thicc traps are god tier
fuck off ass clown

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nice ass user


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Nothing wrong with thicc traps idk what you're on about

It's just the lack of face

Amelie_bitchnew on snap

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Jewish boys make the best gurlz

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imagine being a fucking faggot and not killing yourself

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u r gay

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Please tell me you have kik

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Nice boy, does he have a nick/name.

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Who's this?

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so many cross-dressing gayfaggots in this thread.

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ITT that's like complaining that a restaurant has too much silverware...

Idk about y'all, but 4chans taste in traps is shite!

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This thread is full of disgusting AIDS queers.

Enjoying it is like picture related.

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"I am SUUUUPER hot, and better than all traps here"
"Ok prove it"
"Haha, no, you're gonna have to take my word for it"

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there are reasons no one ever replies to your pics.

and youre not thick. your ass is flat.