Did you settle for your wife or did you manage to find a good woman for you?

Did you settle for your wife or did you manage to find a good woman for you?

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Marriage to an American woman in 2020.

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I think I married up.....

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smart, hot, feisty

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and I'm short, somewhere between chubby and fat, with a smaller-than-average dick

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Strong work bro. She's a babe

thank you!

Some great boobs there.. let's see more

I did great. (I think) she's hot, smart, tattooed, funny, and a total slut for me.

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Very nice


Definitely got a girl out of my league pretty happy with her; she’s loyal and hardworking, not
To mention she’s got a great body Irish girls ftw

What's your secret? Asking for a friend.

Settled. Unfortunately even after she cheated with a sand nigger. I’m a dumbass

> 35 yo
> Be in relationship with a gret, good looking girl more than 10 years
>Engaged 2 years ago
>I cheat on her few times
>Break up 6 months ago
>Still love each other
>Too late

Tommorow ill be a "witness" durring my asshole brother wedding. It should other way around

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Settled. Below average looks above average personality and trustworthy.

I landed a minimum 9/10 and within 2 years because of her antidepressants and awful diet, she's gained 100lbs. Still beautiful as hell, but god damn I miss her perfect body.

Discret Bull here. If you want to strip your wife, play some game or for a long term relation, contact me. k: ProtonMasterMind

I seriously dated for 10 years before realizing I struck gold

>50-50 German and Dutch
>Blond hair hazel eyes like me
>Big tits, huge ass, wide hips, smooth tummy
>Likes cooking and cleaning
Only drawback is she leans left but is truly a centrist because of her religious upbringing
Her lefty tendencies keep my political discourse in check so I'd say 10/10

>Still thinking all women are shite

U wot m8

I don't understand why guys don't keep their eyes on the prize

The best sex you can have is after a few days of scheduling issues and then going 150% with a girl you know thoroughly and trust

Story time , when I met my wife she was 22 and fat pizza delivery girl with a cute face . She was a single mom , ex drug addict. But I saw lots of potential and brains in her. 10 years later she is Hot AF has a good career (makes 6 figures ) and is near perfect in every way for me . I may have settled at first but I supported in helped her reach her ultimate potential.


My wife is beautiful and a good woman, but I’m afraid I’m falling out of love with her, I feel like we have nothing to say to each other anymore.

The best part was. I was her first guy in bed. That suprised me, because she give a best head at first, and so on. After that the best sex I had was with her. Still was.

Enjoy it. She's prolly fucking behind your back though

Nah man . She is head of IT at huge company . Hundreds, if not thousand of people know who she is , got to stay user.