Nig Frens. Please help me understand the appeal of modern-day rap "music"

Nig Frens. Please help me understand the appeal of modern-day rap "music".

There's no vocal skill involved in the majority of the popular songs. No impressive instrumental talent. Nothing that actually took time to make compared to actual musical works of art.

Rap just seems like almost the Mcdonalds of music. There's not much to it. I guess it's poetry in a way, about violence, sex, and drugs that is. But I still have trouble understanding how people enjoy listening to it.

Is it more like that it's understood that it's very weak considering the rest of the musical spectrum? And it's more of a cultural thing that nig frens can just enjoy together? Like when you're up in a tree you like having competitions with who can talk the quickest?

I would like a genuine response. Thanks Nig Frens

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a lot of people have no taste and listen to rap because it's the most accessible form of music (even though it isn't really music)

Why is the metric vocal skill involved in popular songs? It's pop music also then not music by these strange overly strict definitions? I'd listen to a shitty boring mumble trap track over a truck fuckin flag waving beer crushing bro country track any day.

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Because it doesn't require much thought or talent, but still invokes strong emotion

Mumble rap is terrible. And only faggots enjoy it.

I enjoyed rap more a few years back, but I've shifted away from it more recently. I mostly listen to Jazz and Funk now. Rap is music and OP is retarded. You could conclude that any genre isn't music by sampling their worst and saying SEE?!?!?? Kesha's first album was hot pop garbage and now she's on some decent shit not gunna lie

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Rap is poetry, but most people only make it to the surface and only hear the lyrics about hitting bitches up and and making bankrolls, but more often than not it's used as metaphor to express an understood stereotype against the backdrop of a black man that has become successful through the accumulation of wealth through his flowetry. Most 90s artists used that as a storytelling component. Tupac and Biggie both sold crack in real life and both faced police cases for it despite the fact that the only other employment opportunities around aren't enough to pay for biggies daughter or tupacs mom. At the same time tupac raps about "fucking bitches in these hardcore streets", his very next line is about how his drug addict mother still tried her hardest to keep him from that life. If you want a more modern example, chance the rapper is a national treasure. His songs also have the overall musical talent you're looking for. He's a stunning pianist and he regularly invites other cross genre artists to perform songs with him, usually based around piano chords. Tyler the creator is another great example. Especially his newer works. Now that hes got his fame and money, it's become entirely about art for him. He released a love song with kali uchis called After the Storm with the god of funk himself, bootsy collins, on backup vocals and bass. That song along with the entire flowerboy album are perfect examples of transition rap, or rap that crosses into other genres with respect to those genres. If you want to dive into rappers that use violence in rap to discuss family issues, earl sweatshirt is the greatest example of this. He sings about how he's wronged his mother, but peer pressure pushes him to keep being an asshole that smokes too much and stalks women because he's too shy.

Alternatively, take ANY country song and lay the lyrics next to almost any rap song discussing the same subject matter, and good luck to you if you can tell the difference.

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Wow thank you I didn't want to type all that out just to have some nazi to tell me I'm brainwashed into liking rap. You're extremely correct and I could not have said it better

Tldr; if you can't understand juxtaposition, you are incapable of understanding good rap.

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This is the response I was looking for. Thanks fren

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Also Kendrick's TPaB, especially the track For Free off it. 10/10 erratic combo band feel


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This is now a good rap thread

I also agree with this. I used to think kendrick was kind of shit, but in recent years he's been killing it. I also highly recommend school boy q. School boy q is HARDCORE gangsta rap. Almost every song he produces is about real life ghetto glorification. He'll sing about slingin and fuckin and truckin, and then transition into a story about a drive by he and his daughter were victims of as a consequence. He also is VERY politically driven, but starkly middle ground. For example, he thinks that whitey needs to pay for these injustices, but also thinks people like kanye west need to own the strife they cause.

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I swear, they talk about doing the most horrible shit in these songs. But when it actually happens? It's fucking scary.

I can never get behind violent music. It riles up others to do that same. It's fucking dangerous.

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