Redpill me on jews

redpill me on jews

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Trust me.
You do not want to know how deep the rabbi hole goes.

What's the difference between pizza and Jews?
Pizza doesn't control the media

you know how niggers blame whitey for their problems? thats what whitey does with jews

They control the US and they want us non-Jews to fight their shitty wars against Israel's neighbours.

Jews hate us and want us dead.

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Red Jew me on pills.

A very filthy people

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Why did liberals ruin jews?

Karl Marx was a jew.The communism was a jew project.The jews got absolute control on central bank in 1913.Hitler tried to break free from the kikery in Germany with the Haavara agreement.Witch entails that every jew was to leave to Palestine with all of their possessions and wealth intact,every expense covered by Germany.But the worst of all.They made literal cancer vaccines

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>Pizza doesn't control the media
Double cheese/Triple cheese/Quadruple cheese everything was advertised everywhere in america because cheese is a convenient way to make more profit from milk.
Eveybody(food chains) got discounts for cheese and advertised more cheesy stuff because it ends up cheaper on their end per kcal. There was even pre-grated cheese because you americunts are fat lazy fucks.

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They began as brigands, thieves and beggars in polytheist Palestine. At some point they filtered into Egypt, and through nepotism and shady practices, eventually became the rulers of Egypt as the Hyksos, then got kicked out by the natives. Then they wandered back to Palestine and made trouble for a few centuries, eventually converting to monotheism. That's where the real problems begin. Monotheism is a cancerous belief. When you're a polytheist, it's irrelevant what you believe about any god, because it's a personal view. But when there is only one god, various factions fight over which bureaucracy gets to "speak for him". Inevitably, as with all human power structures, the most corrupt and immoral individuals win. At some point this vile cancer spread to Europe. Even now, in the world that we "enlightened" moderns believe is rational, and atheist, jewish monotheistic beliefs dominate, which is why everyone hates nature, and thinks rabid corruption is normal and should be tolerated.

They've been hated wherever they have been throughout history but, it's everyone else's fault

Jews dominate all political, economic, social and cultural movements because they intend to and whitey is a stupid pushover who lets it happen every time. You can regularly find jews in the upper echelons of all conflicting views: Capitalism vs Communsim, Environmnetalism vs rabid consumption. Theocracy vs atheism. But they all seem to drop those views and agree on the same things behind closed doors. The jewish "people" is inviolate and israel must be protected at all costs.

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>whitey is a stupid pushover
bla bla bla, nothing of value. Kill your self kike

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I bet you're a christian, aren't you?

We're short, hairy, argumentative people who love food.

We were tolerated or accepted in some places. In other places we weren't exactly welcome but people left us alone.

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I bet you're a talmundist, aren't you?

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Fun fact: Mein Kampf is such a badly written book that even Mussolini hated it.

I don't belong to a jewish religion.

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Oh boi you have a lot to learn, don't you?

About what specifically? Enlighten us.

I bet you’re from Florida

Enlighten me, sir.

>Enlighten me
I cannot, plus my English is shit.
One thing. As good as everything that you have been told is a lie. Especially the things you think are most certain are almost all lies.

They're just people trying to get through life like everyone else. For some reason schizophrenics blame them for everything that goes wrong in the world.

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>Enlighten me
The is no salvation outside the Catholic church.

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The rich love creating 'the other' for the masses to squabble over and blame on everything that is going wrong. Jews are an obvious target and have always suffered for. Whoever thinks they got redpilled on Jews are sad conspiracy searching basement dwelling racists.

>jews got kicked out 109 times by different people.
Ignore the jews, it's everybody else's fault.
Try harder kike deceiver

They are just like everyone else. The rich Jews tend to be assholes, the middle class Jews tend to be cool and the poor Jews don't exist. Wait.

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The Soviet Union persecuted religious Jews as much as they persecuted Christians. Bolsheviks were motivated by an atheistic vision of communist utopia, the fact that some Bolsheviks were secular Jews has nothing to do with oppression of Christians by the Jews or some Jewish power conspiracy.

Keep repeating your lie, it does not change that jews got kicked out 109 times by different people.

Nice strawman... Jews manipulate every race especially niggers and whites with the same kinda things. Such as fame, money and vices. The Devil is in the details.

they eat baby foreskins , hide gold in underpants and have mind control powers

There is already an answer to that lie here in this thread Try harder kike deceiver.

Jew have already done it to the niggers, they now doing it to you and me.

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Who’s going to do all the heavy lifting if the lazy jew kills everyone else?

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No one believes that, but as a jew you have to try and make the opposition sound stupid.
Try harder kike deceiver.

First of all that number is retarded and too specific, nobody knows how many times Jews got banished from where and when and it doesn't matter.
Ancient empires or kingdoms were racist and conservatively religious because it came with the times. They had an interest in preserving some unity in their kingdoms, Jews got banished as well as many other minorities after a conquest or a land or consolidation of government. That proves nothing and is a dumb argument


i here there's a website all jews see, that's made by the isrealis. If any one candidate or person that's running for political position that the isreali's don't like they say in the website the guys an anti semite and is the next hitler. This makes all the jews in the local area go to the guys rally or speach and they heckle the guy. The jew's are way more together/organised then people think.

some rabbi in manchester bad mouthed isreal and supported palestine. A bunch of jewish zionists went to the guys house dragged him out and beat him up

the thing about soviets is the story was stalin was killed by the jews.

stalin didn't like the jews, also all his doctors were jews. so one day he had to have an operation. All the jews banded together and killed him

>I here
Go back to school

blacks were still niggers back then mlk jr and people like jessi jackson still don't like niggers


Stalin died of a stroke, not a botched surgery or murder.


Again, your point was already refuzted in this very thread. Here, does this look like racist or ancient empire to you?

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Posting an out of context quote form some dumbass rabbi from the 30s proves nothing. communism isn't Jewish and it takes some real cognitive dissonance to connect the two. People need to realise that there was and still is a big Jewish population in eastern Europe, and Jews integrated themselves into every aspect of life, you can find any Jewish person in any institution and start connecting dots that don't exist. Jews are citizens that live in work in different jobs, some are rich and some are poor and some powerful. To take a secular economic state building ideology like communism, and connect it to an ethnic minority of people is dumb as shit

the jews murder Christian children and put the blood into their passover bread.
they can also turn into a bat and fly ( if they have eaten enough Christian foreskins)

Of course. A small village of ancient primitive gutamalan natives is not racist? It's a fucking village of Indians obviously they don't have the cultural sensitivity to welcome a hissidic and obviously weird group of jews

found the jews

I despise Jews, you fucking schizophrenic cunt. Heil Hitler!

there is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish

if you're black and Jewish you have to sit at the back of the oven

Try harder jew deceiver. twisting words and definitions around as they please you.
They knew nothing about jew, yet they through you out like so many before. Why did the indigenous people not through the evil whites as well?

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Your sad pathetic nerd that obviously doesnt belong in 2020. I'm sure you hide your racism in public all the time and are embarrassed to speak up.
I think you should kill yourself, it's okay. Some people just can't handle the diffucilties of modern society. This world isn't made for you and I wish you a peaceful suicide. I'm sure a heaven of like minded like hating Nazis awaits you in the afterlife

jews make good fire lighters and lamp shades

Larping jew, tries to depict the opposition as hateful. Fuck off jew sock puppet.

they also make good sock puppets

You're running out of competent things to say and you're not making sense anymore.
Why did some racist gutamalan Indians kick out Jews that they have never seen before? Exactly because they haven't seen them before, because Jews have a different religion and they're weird and they dress funny and try to convert everyone to their own religions, I'm not defending hessidic Orthodox Jews here, they had no business moving to some primitive village. ...why didn't the Indians kick out the whites? Because the whites colonized them and obviously hold power, I'm sure Indians would kick out the whites too if they could

You have humor, must be a jew. You still are not good for every ones else's society.


>everybody kicks out jew, more the 109 different times
>Everybody racist, we jews are innocent.
Great argument.

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Alrighty let me speak on this, I come from a larger city on the east coast, they try to gentrify us and then try to destroy us, we have cops on every corner not for us but to protect them, they’ve gone house to house trying to buy our properties and harassing us making threats and shit, then buy out and raise the rents almost 100x, a shooting happened recently and they took it as an attack on those fucking kikes but when hispanics and blacks were being shot up left and right they never batted an eye to us, they’re grimey and greedy bastards who want only for themselves, no one wants them here

They basically run everything, run out shit down, and if anyone speaks against their community we get called anti Semitic and have people being kicked out of positions because the leaders of the city and school boards are Jews, we’ve been fucked over by them enough, the Jewish population is hated and for a reason

>Let me hijack this thread, I don't like where this is going.
Thank you my jew friend, sorry everybody else,, this thread is dead.

'Everybody' did not kick out Jews. The Babylonians kicked out Jews (ancient Kingdom that wanted religious unity), the Spanish kicked out Jews (religious medical monarchy that wanted religious unity), many German polish and Russian villages kicked out Jews in so called pogroms in The 17th and 18th centuries because they xenophobic and wanted someone to blame on their poverty and misery, and Germany after ww1 of course. So that's everybody that kicked out Jews. You know who didn't kick out Jews? LITERALLY EVERY PROGRESSIVE MODERN COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TODAY.

You can live in some medieval past where people were racist and awful to each all the time and justify persecution of Jews sure. But the modern world there is no reason.

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>The rich love creating 'the other' for the masses to squabble over
This. Keep the masses occupied with hating each other so you can pull truly evil shit

>"the rich"
pic related

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The Jews have been kiked out of 359 cities, from 733 B.C. to 2014 A.D.

Jews try to gentrify and destroy you? You have cops on every street specifically to defend a few Jews? Jews buy your property and increase its value? Cops ignore Hispanics and blacks when they get shot up but not the jews?
Jews have nothing to do with the things you said. You basically oppose late stage capitalism and racist institutions in the US. Racist institutions that let the rich oppress the poor through property ownership, and oppress people of color through policing and create divide by blaming the Jews on everything. The cops are there because of hate crime on Jews buddy.

You wanna take over now because someone called out the bullshit they do? We’ve WITNESSED this shit all our lives, those bastards don’t get an ounce of respect from anyone here and for a reason

jews sneak into young children's bedrooms at night and steal their foreskins

The one percent is not all Jewish you dummy. This is a popular statistic made to point out that the rich own power and wealth over the vast majority of regular people, this is not a race or ethnicity thing, this is a money thing. There are millions of lower class Jews that live in debt in both Israel and US. The rich are holding the power and creating groups of outsiders for the dumb masses to blame on everything.

Faggots, just look at "rabbi explains why hitler hated jews". It's censored on jewtube, it's still up on bitchute, don't know for how much longer.

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That's a nice little graphic documenting a long and unfortunate journey for a group of people that had no land of their own.
Like I said, yeah, all of these examples are of an ancient and racist set of beliefs that doesn't exist anymore. It was a harsh world were you could gang up on ethnic groups and make them suffer. doesn't really happen anymore because a) Israel exists b) human rights exist c) science and social advancements created modern people that have compassion for other human beings.

As you may have noticed already, some Jews fall for all this antisimetic propoganda themselves, even rabbis. They try to rationalize the negative history of the Jews and try to make sense of it. There's a ton of Jews that disagree with other Jews, there no such thing as one Jewish agenda or set of beliefs, for example see those hissidic Jews in New York that deny Israel's right to exist and mingle with Iranian leaders. there's all kinds of Jews and do and believe all sorts of different things. Are there some crazy old rabbi farts that believe that communism was Jewish and deny the Holocaus? Sure. That's what happens when you have freedom of speech. But I will tell you that most Jewish people disagree with this guy, maybe that's why the video was removed from YouTube (which shouldn't have happened, if people wanna watch dumb shit, let them. Censorship doesn't work)

Jews believe they are “gods chosen people” and nobody else is, so they are fundamentally more important humans than all other humans, that is why they are extreme racists and racial supremecists. They believe they are here to do gods will, and that what god wants is for them to prevail above all else at any cost. That is why they are despised and have been removed from over 100 nations, not because people just hate them irrationally, but because of their behaviour; it is not unethical or immoral to Jews to harm the people around them physically or financially or To enslave them etc, for as long as those non Jews are serving Jews who therefore serve god, then it is not only acceptable but righteous to enslave non Jews and ruin non Jews for Jewish gain.

Do you understand now? What I am saying is nothing to do with skin colour or genetics, it is not racist, I am simply judging people based on their behaviour and beliefs, the only ethical thing to judge people on. So I judge their behaviour as anti human. That is the reason everyone tries to remove them from their countries, they try to overthrow every nation and culture by deliberately destroying it to promote themselves because THEY ARE THE RACISTS. Think about any television sitcom in New York you’ve ever seen, guy brings home date, his mother cries out “why can’t you just marry a nice JEWISH girl!?” Big laughs, haha, Jewish moms really do be like that! But if you think about that trope it’s not really funny, it’s just a woman demanding racial purity of her family which is actually racially supremecist, if you don’t believe me, imagine a white European mother in that situation and think about whether it would still be an acceptable television joke.

Jews are literally Nazis more than Nazis were Nazis. Everything they accuse others of they are guilty of and usually to a greater degree.

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a small powerless minority.
normal people respect them and don't waste time worrying about them or thinking about them.
what they do is none of anyones business.
do you spend time worrying about what Inuit people do?
leave Jews alone.

That's a silly worldview that is not accurate. Just because there are alot of Jews in your city and some of them happen to be in positions of power doesn't mean that all positions of power are Jewish. You can criticize the community all you want if it's something valid and you're making a good point, but if you're using Jewish slurs and saying shit like 'theres a reason Jews are hated' that's when people call you racist.

You claim to know better than the Rabbie here
What a good jew you are.

>Everything they accuse others of they are guilty of and usually to a greater degree.
That how the jew does

>Take the blue pill. you can find it here with doctor Jones

>I haven't even sucked John Cena's dick yet
What the hell am I even doing with my life?

Ah, the Jew with humor. Have you watched what Rabbi Yosef Tzvi ben Porat had to say?

Their attire Is wack

You seem a lot more concerned with jewish beliefs than I am. I just know they're almost all wrong and don't follow them. You seem to quite literally follow them religiously.

Okay so this is actuay a decent point for once, finally so let me address this. In the first paragraph you're taking about how Jews think they're God's chosen and better etc etc and while that is true for some Jews, the vast majority of people that self identify as Jewish simply believe in a set of cultural ideas and transitions that give them a sense of identity. They don't think they're better than other group and most are quite secular when it comes to religion and being God's chosen people too. There are those Orthodox Jews that wear the hats and shit and take the Bible very literally and pray all day and shit, but they are a religious extreme just like how every group has their extremists. They do not represent the majority just like how Jehovah's witnesses don't represent the majority of Christians. Things are being don't in Israel to address the hissidic jews' racist Jews.

The other things you said are anecdotal. Yeah in movies and jokes Jews are represented a certain way sometimes, Jews are changing, a ton of Jews are intermarrying, or moving to other counties, Israeli Jews are getting alot more liberal and progressive culturally, the definition of what is a new is changing as Jews become less religious but stills wanna celebrate their ancestors. Nothing is black and white and there's no reason to believe in concrete Jewish conspiracies.