Glasses thread

Glasses thread

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damn Hot

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who is she?

Why did liberals ruin glasses?

the fuck does that mean user?

You'd know if you weren't such a libtard cuck.

This is a new level of obsession. Seek help, user.

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hawt lil Asian

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wins of her?

My god, those are God Tier tits. Moar? I'd like to see her in doggy style position, looking back at us with her glasses on.

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goddamn. She got a name?

moar plz

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This chick from yesterday

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Only this other one

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who is she?

oddly enjoyable


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damn. that's too bad

too much clothing


Slutty coworker

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how much you got of her?

you know her?

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how much you have of her?

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A few more from on here. Do u know her?

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looks like someone I know, might be a coincidence, but she's fucking HOT


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Know her?

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KS. Right person?

Is her name Lindsay L?

who are you replying to?

the slutty coworker pic

Ahhh bad vision omg ahhhhh iiiiiiiiiiiiim cooooooomiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggggf

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your mom

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Those are some TITS

your mom wears glasses

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Pls tell me you have nudes

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Please let there be nudes of her

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Nice, keep her coming

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hot, any more plz?


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Anymore with her face?

want more?

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absolutely the hottest one out of the entire thread. I'd be honored to be her official cunnilinguist.

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Nice body

Because you have now been brainwashed into polarizing vastly complex living beings into 2 easy to digest categories that you cannot stop associating anything you see or do with it

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She's gorgeous

unleash them!

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