Good boi thread post your dogs b

Good boi thread post your dogs \b\

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Male/Female? Fixed?

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>beastiality thread
You're not hiding shit OP

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thats a thick ass dog

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This is Cowboy. He is a Mountain Curr. I adopted him on Sunday.

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Animooted doggo

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Smug lil shit

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You all have fantastic doggos.

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So cuuuuute how many toddlers did he maul this week ?

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haha ya he is

nice scenery and nice dog, looks comfy

Definitely a gewd boi.
Owner loves him
Can't spell bestiality.
Hope you didn't crop his ears.
hyuge head.
chews things up? lots of energy?
10/10 would play
not for me
he's about 9?
and he's wonderin what you're doin.
big dope, 100% loved and loveable.
obsessed with ball? Your house will be full of fur for years to come. would keep you warm.
still wonderin what youre doin, but hes waitin for loves.
crazy, disobedient, will run for days.
always waiting, happy to see you.
very placid, softy and very loved.

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by the way, give your dogs a hug and a treat for me.

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My good boi.

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