Nostalgia thread anything goes from 90s to 2000

Nostalgia thread anything goes from 90s to 2000

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get on my level

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Just gonna throw this out there. Most of the faggots on here are 14-18. So good luck with your thread

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Thank you and checked. If you help bump it we can have our own awesome nostalgia thread.

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I'm thirsty now

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Me too. This thread is cozy, I like it.

dropped this shit after the devs patched out jawbreakers stacking. What the fuck were they thinking?

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Oh shit is that cand-

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Agreed, JBs were OP as it was but whatever, I face rolled as Jonny-Football Plank all of the first patch and keked.

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Nostalgia is real, contrabooting

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Wew. That one brings me back

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Yeah bro anything nostalgic

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Damn. Literally the only two things I miss that were discontinued.


Flintstones push pops for me

I admit I was using a trainer

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The band camp one was hilarious too where he's playing the trombone and they think he's retarded

Born in '98, just turned 21 at the end of 2019. I watched this movie so much growing up that it shocked my father when I couldn't get through the book at 10. This movie continuously changed for me the more I grew up.

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You can play mine, user

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Nothing wrong with that my friend. I had a lot of using the Jamella editor in d2.

Bro, I've been craving for pepsi blue for so long. It was so good (at least I remember it was...15 years ago)

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shitty decade.

This was fun

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I had that too lol

2 genders

Or this..

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Do people still blade? Idk if this counts. We used to take out the two wheels in the middle because that was the cool thing to do

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Personified the 2000s for me, and probably was one of the few things I listened to that was actually part of the decade.

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Me and my friends did the same thing


Removing the heel brake was the cool thing to do where I grew up

My kids still do

Anyone ever play coke studios?

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epic game and trips

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To be young again...

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Why don't they make these anymore?


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Why did they stop making these?

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These just get stuck on your roof

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Get sum!!

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Seeing this the first time you load up half life..

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the opening for this popped into my head randomly this morning after years of not thinking about it.

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C'mon man!

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my fucking heart. i miss these so much. they switched to a metal bottle and fucked up the taste, then sales plummeted because of their retarded decision and they discontinued it. the days when it was in the glass bottle were the GOAT. ephemeral as cherry blossoms in the spring and twice as sweet.

today's little internet hate machines will never know what they're missing.

I fucking love this thing, lol.

*blocks your path*

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nostalged hard

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First GTA

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deserved dubs. played it with my bro a lot. game mechanics aged like milk. still fun as hell.

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Actually surprised seeing this so high up

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Peering through his eyes I saw deep into his soul. I knew it, he was my nigguh.

Wanna know how I know you're gay?

Still installed on my computer, this game is a 10/10 for me.

Dude my work still has these. It's a stainless steel welding shop and they've been updated slightly to the 21st century by adding motion sensors, but they'res a powdered soap tub/despensor on the thing. Love that shit.

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Bunch of GDI faggots in here...

My name is Tommy and after being called Tommy Pickles my whole life, fuck this show

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Boomer here.

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You're a fucking nigger how about that?



It was a shit show and the "grown up" version was even worse. 2000s-era shows were garbage unless it was the cream of Nick's crop: Sponge and Fairies.
>"what about Chowder or Regular show?"
>"CN was the shit and always was"
No. You're a retard if you ever thought that.

what's up, Pickles?

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