Can anyone x-ray please

Can anyone x-ray please

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the fetus?

The boobs I just love pregnant women's boobs

Got you

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entirely fake because its a potato quality image and you seem to misunderstand how xray works.

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Any better

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no you fucking idiot.

Anyway of enhancing it ?

Figured it would be black

Why's that?


Anymore of her?


We don't need xray to see that you are fat

After she had the baby

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average tits you why would you want to xray them, they look stretched to fuck so they're probably same size as preggo.

Just need them you wouldn't understand

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She's a proper slut

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See her boobs are perfect

Bump can anyone do anything with these photos ?


You have serious issues you pathetic loser.

And you are?


I wish I could fuck her for one last time she was amazing in bed

jesus christ she must have left you for being completely fucking unhinged.


No she told a lot of lies about me

You seem genuinely mentally ill.

Do you know her?

yeah shes getting a restraining order you mentalist. This thread will definitely help with that.

What's her initials

fuck off you absolute creep, I've got this screen capped gunna send it to her now, does this count as revenge porn? Probably.

You know everyone in Canada ?

No but I know lora.


hahaha bet you're fucking sweating now.

Are you even from Canada?

Lets be honest everything she told people was fucking true and this proves it.

Still a nice fuck though