10/10 blonde

10/10 blonde

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would you think she was 10/10 if her tits weren't on display for the whole world to see?

no you would not, so she can not possibly be a true 10/10.

point out any flaws in her that you see.

Fat face, receding hairline, obvious whore

Hitler would be proud

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who is this? any more
faking loving it

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fat face. lmao. Why are people so obsessed with skinny women

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>I haven't had pussy since pussy had me and I never ever will again.

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you can see acne on her cheek. Not 10/10.

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Fuck yeah, Sol was the biggest slut in my high school

with all due respect, that face is everything but 10/10

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Moar Sol plz, I know someone has nudes of her

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Love me some ashoka tano

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Wife material.

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fucking love her

Google Sol Sandvik, you can find quite a bit

fucking perfect

Nice, thanks!

Coogs House

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This her?

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Yeah, thats an old pic from high school

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Fuck me! Keep going

Damn! Bet she was popular. She got more like that?

U got more??


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fucking perfect. Wish she'd get those tits out

Pretty sure she has online, with a little bit of digging you can probably still find the pic

She used to have a ton on an old norwegian socmedia site that has since shut down. But I know for a fact I've seen nudes on here of her, ful boobs and all and I'm hoping someone still has them and posts them one day


name of site?


has somewhat of a pic related physique. the stash would approve.

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cant mis in a thread like this!

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You fucking wish. She's about 20 years too old for one

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all i could find unfortunately

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Yes, that is very unfortunate...

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Teens Links list.

> See the chan. Hope you'll find what you want...



Who dat.

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the goat blonde

thats right user. A beast of a woman

in her prime she was the pinnacle of sexuality and female form