My neighbour is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend...

My neighbour is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend. They play music at 7 EM and I wanna call the police on them for disturbance and use of drugs (very illegal in Sweden).

What do I say to guarantee the police will show up? Say I saw a gun etc?

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You kinda sound like a bitch

mind your own business

If it's "very illegal" why lie?

lmao please do this. Fuck their shit up.


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Man the fuck up and go ask them to turn it down you fucking homo.
I swear to god, Sweden is so pozzed, it's no wonder niggers and muslims are taking your women and country.

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Don't be a bitch

Maybe don’t be a bitch and go to your neighbor first before calling the cops. I know most people on here are social retards, but sometimes it just takes bringing the issue up to them directly. He may not fucking know he’s bothering you, faggot. Try to have some tact and ask if he’ll turn it down a bit. If he’s really an asshole about it call the cops I guess. Or beat his ass.

>How can I call the cops to tattle on a guy that has a girlfriend and smokes
>Beat his ass
Yea, okay.

Just tell the guy your fucking problem and see where things go from there. Like a normal person settling a dispute.


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Drug addicts should remove themselves from life, thanks in advance.

don't tell them they're foreign or ethnic

sluta böga och ring bolis

I hope your neighbor beats the shit out of you, you pathetic tiny person.

OP is nigger faggot confirmed

You should probably be more concerned with all the pakis destroying your country.

I bet you drink coffee, better remove yourself from life you fucking moron.

No just water blacktooth. How's the pot induced brain deterioration coming along?

Why would anyone help someone as bitter and alone as you?

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dra kuken i påstlåddan

>D-d-dem jökej weed och haj pistolej snälaa kom fort konstapeln
Man up och knacka på sen fråga om dem kan sänka musiken

Gräset då? Vill inte gärna att han får haschpsykos och kommer över med kniv.

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Man up
Något din farsa borde sagt till dig
Hur känns det att vara en besvikelse?

tell them that dude threatened to kill you when you went to complain about noise. nothing they say matters if theyre under influence

Snitches get stiches, and wind up in ditches, you fucking rat fink.

>under the influence
they're not fucking driving.
They would just hide the weed before answering the door and the manchild that is OP would get done for wasting police time, as he fucking should.

Anyone know what I should do?

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