Pedophile that got away with it

>pedophile that got away with it

is he unironically /ourguy/?

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Repzion? That IP address looks familiar.


are those pubes on his shoulder

Is his face fucked up from radiation?, how did he manage to get out of Chernobyl?, imagine your face being this fucked lmao

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How does someone so fucking ugly keep luring girls into his dungeon? I've never understood the methods of Onision...for a guy who looks like a Chernobyl survivor it's impressive how easily he manipulates people.

You're obsessed with this faggot

>hurr him face gross
>but him brain cruel and vicious
>why weak willed female like him?

Just get bigger brain

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he wears make up most of the time

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Your obsession with an eCeleb is pathetic and sad

Lmfao does he actually look like that or is that photoshopped

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But user I can see the HDR effect in this pic

He's not "our guy" he's just a control obssessed pedo


who cares really
onison didn't rape anyone all the girls were off age, so they fucked him and they regret it so they claim rape or they want to be famous
chris hansen is a psycopath all he doesn't want to help any of the girls or people he just wants to be famous again

i feel sad for onison all that's going to happen is onison will probably end up in jail and any evidence that could prove he was innocent will be suppressed by the courts so he ends up in jail.

rdx off vs rdx on lol

Jesus fuck gross

he uses his wife to lure them in so he can have his way with them

He'll be /yourguy/ when he kills himself

Shut up Greg, you fucking pedo.

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Yup, livestream that shit.

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I don't feel bad for him he has been goading people to fuck with him for years. he is just making "freakout" videos to get the views his talentless ass hasn't been able to get in years.
if he doesn't want to go to jail he should be more focused on listening to his lawyer than making himself look like a mentally deranged ape.

lol his twitch got banned

The steam

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Hopefully his Youtube next.

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He took the glass out of his microwave door so he could watch the food spin while it's cooking

Jeffrey Epstein -lite

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this is your face on veganism

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I don't like that comparison because it implies that Greg won't kill himself

His name is Greg Epstein

James* Skunk

this isn't reddit mii dude lol

what a fag you ra


Greg/ "James" you suck. You're a sick fuck. You're potentially dangerous.. you need to be imprisoned and analy violated. Laney "kai" they he freak as well... fuck you both.

are you saying onion isn't smart enough to defend himself on 4chin too

unironically looks like karposy sarcoma

karposy sarcoma

weird way to spell pedophile

no i am saying this isn't reddit where you can't have another opinion

i dunno about greg but there are men who been sent to jail over false rape claims where the evidence that would prove they didn't do it gets suppressed so fuck off back to eddit cunt

innocent or not I'd love to see him in jail

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Onionboi still thinks he can get muh personal army on 4chins. Even though he's been proved pedo. Even though he's been proved pussy and beta. Fuck of Onionboi.

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Why did liberals ruin pedophilia?

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Yes he is a Pizza faced cunt.