New chubby thread

new chubby thread

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Awesome body

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Sup Forums has completely warped my mind with these chubby threads. I only watch chubby/bbw porn and I just started flirting with this chubby girl.

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like her?

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Yes pls more!!

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This is now a Jessi thread.

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Who’s mom is this ?

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Want more?

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are there any pics of fat jessi's asshole?

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nice, keep em coming

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Holy shit that's a stupid tattoo

Message me on wickr for more of my wife. Eska217

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Who is this??? Wowie!

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For more of my wife message me on wickr. Eska217

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Lock me in that room and dont open that door until all three are pregnant

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i would cum with the force of 1000 suns with any of these chubby semen demons my god


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going to send you a message tonight lad, usually on mega but can hop on wickr

My shackled fuckcow. Kik Lpootie for more

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perfect, more

More! Thats perfection

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I will never understand the attraction to someone who has given up on themselves

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More please?

Yeah tits

Sorry can’t hide that gut....go to the gym you fat ass

Its a chubby thread dumb fuck?

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Why am I soo attracted to these body shapes? I just found out by surprise like a week ago

chubby =/= landwhale retard
quite a few posted here are really chubby instead of fat overweight pigs

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Chubby girls have a certain thickness to them that is very attractive. And they look great naked unless they're a complete dumpster fire obviously.

pls lad keep it coming, you on mega? i'll provide some of my own content. wife/gf?

So then post what you like then. You seem to be taking this WAY too seriously.

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