"The third Senate impeachment trial of a US president in HISTORY convened on Thursday with the reading of the two...

"The third Senate impeachment trial of a US president in HISTORY convened on Thursday with the reading of the two impeachment articles charging President Donald Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress."

>any day now, right?
screeched the republicans
>he isnt officially impeached yet!!1!1
they seethed
>they wont bring the charges to the senate because they have no case1!!!1!11!!1!
they screamed

It was official in December, and it's just as official now. Trump is impeached. It's done. He's done.

It's over.

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..imagine believing that he'll actually be removed from office. OH NO NO NO

Where did I say that in this entire thread

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if hes not removed, what are you trying to achieve with this?

Dodging reality like the draft.

What are YOU trying to achieve by questioning them?

Donny Dodgers

questioning who? i have no motive


So? that just means he might get charged not that he will be found guilty.

Hell I'm not even murkin and a know this is at best just a pr problem for BEST PRESIDENT.

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What's over? What happened


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This post is extremely gay and cancerous, you should consider suicide

lol "for best president"
Learn how English works, dumbass

Why does his mouth look like a fucking butthole?

Its never ogres enjoy 2020 faggot libtards

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"Its never ogres"? Is that supposed to be an English sentence, you Russian dumbfuck?

Too young to post here kiddo
its not Ogre its never ogre


You obviously have a motive, maybe because you honestly believe the lies you spew or maybe because your boss Putin demands it

I dunno

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3 years of your seething and screeching down, 50 to go.

I thrive on your liberal tears, they sustain me.

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>seething and screeching
Yes, you are, I already established that

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Russiagate has always been ogres

>okay why is he bad
>impeach for what
>okay youre entitled to your opinion but even if that was true its not an impeachable offense


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Can we get the updated version for 2020, you know, since he's not in jail yet and all...

2020 has only started my friend, 11 months left

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God says he'll be out next June.
"and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months."
– Rev 13:4-5

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Any day now, I bet.

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Seethe harder nigger, your anger is pleasing to me

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Wouldn't put it past God to predict this lol. The worst president in the history of America and now that's all he'll ever be known for. Worthless piece of fucking trash

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Right, any day now. Can't wait.

Shut up, libtard.

I'm glad you agree that it will happen any day. I can't wait either

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Jan 2025 is coming up soon. You have 5 more years of seething to go.

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Why do you use this word? We already know this is what you're doing

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STFU libtard.

I live on LI, NY. You couldn't afford to reside where I do, cuck. Your african dance degree isn't going much of anywhere.

Just like his autistic followers

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Keep waiting, faggot.

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Haha, what?

Are you smoking the illegals my man

Cry more to me, you pathetic little internet faggot.
You've been whining for 3 years incessantly and haven't tired of it, so another 5 years is going to be a cake walk for you. It's your MO. I'm sure your mommy will come downstairs and wipe your tushy for you when you call out after reading this post.

It was Iranian money dumbfuck.
OMG you guys get the talking points form GOP HQ and just froth them out again.
Oh wait.....sorry, are working for the GRU? the FSB?
It's hard to tell Russians and Republicans apart theses days.
I wish for the days when the right wing were patriots.

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Pot meet kettle lel!!! So funny

>libtards block each and every one of trumps attempts to fulfill his promises
>"haha see orange man is a liar xD"

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He'll still be your president for 5 more years.
I can't say my country has any good leader, but at least I can laugh at the soyslurpers in burgerland.

>literally voting for and supporting the current president of the united states as opposed to wanting him removed for being orange is somehow not patriotic

not him but just today the new trade agreement was voted for and passed only 10 people didnt vote for it (1 Republican) and it was one of his campaign promises

Any day I hear. Congrats.

Of course you are Russia
You pulled of the greatest intelligence operation in history.
You got Putin elected the first Russian to be elected US president.
Fucking amazing!

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Seethe, Eurofag.

>I can't say my country has any good leader
That is because no 3rd world country has ever had a good leader

Fake news.

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by someone who has something to gain from his impeachment

Impeached along with a Clinton.
Well done Donnie. Daddy would be so proud.

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2020, and brain dead libtards still on with the russia narrative.

You can combine your brain cells together and maybe make a barely functional human.

Hey, what are you doing with a picture of my uncle??

Lmao. Yea, I'm done with you. You can continue refusing to believe facts and proven evidence . I don't give a shit. You can also think you won this internet argument. You have my permission.

The whole country has something to gain from his impeachment. He's a bad president.

Why do you thing the world is Amerfag and else Eurofag. Learn2world
>dumbfuck american education

That's probably one of the more accurate statements I've read

and here is a list of how this changes things:

This is the first entirely partisan impeachment in history due to the lack of high crimes. there were democrats that voted AGAINST impeachment in the House.

The Senate will not convict. Trump will not be removed, and he'll be re-elected this year due to poor Democrat candidates.

You didn't deny that you are or correct me, so clearly you are. Probably UK or germany with your pathetic use of "burgerland"

..and he will still be impeached for the rest of history

Remember how the problem was Russian collusion until that was disproven by Muller and then it was bribery and then it was that Trump didn't release aid to Ukraine quickly enough?

It's a pyrrhic victory.

And not won of those cells would be a traitor to the US.

Trump was already acquitted lmao. They just need to entertain the fake trial and sign the dotted line.

0/10. Trump's odds of winning in November (betting odds, where money talks and bullshit walks) also reached an all-time high the day they sent the articles to the Senate. GG.

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No one cries more than Trump supporters. They screech over everything and cry like bitches over fake outrage after fake outrage. Constant victim mentality. Worse than niggers or even feminists. We dont often hear those groups shriek. But the Trump trash never ever stop their tears.

You do realize he is fat right?

Morbidly obese with advanced heart disease, according to his physician

Because it literally is one

>Hi, I'm a disillusioned retard that hasn't the slightest grasp on reality.

Or you're from the bizarro universe. Welcome traveler.

It's probably you being off your schizo meds again.

your dumb fufkedness just intensified.
Not Uk, Germany, Euro
You are so ignorant of the world and that is so American.
My god, how do you guys shit without smearing your selves.
Oh wait....

I'm not, but you definitely are kek

>So? that just means he might get charged not that he will be found guilty.
>Hell I'm not even murkin and a know this is at best just a pr problem for BEST PRESIDENT.

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The fascists will acquit him though. Its already been determined. They've admitted as much. Still, the American people will be presented with the case, and that's still a good thing. Nothing is certain in life but we will be given the facts. Its up to us to do som with them. Congress cant save you from right wing aggression. We can only save ourselves.

Yea, German confirmed

>You are so ignorant of the world

You aren't a functional human being. Kill yourself.

Honestly, I'm a Democrat who voted for Obama. I've got to say that I don't really see this being the case often. At least not online where most of the discourse and debate happens. I've been getting a little irritable by my fellow countrymen who tend to argue with a lot of emotion and conjecture. Trump's not a very *good* person, per se, he's said and done a lot of shady, shitty things. But so far, I haven't actually seen a whole lot of stuff that he's done that's truly bad. This Iran thing is the latest, imho. I supported Obama, but he did authorize or order around 500 drone strikes. A lot of civilians (around 320) were killed. No one said a thing. Now, it's suddenly horrible that this president killed a terrorist leader. I'm beginning to change from blue to independent...

and literally nothing has, or is going to, change. Still President for five more years.

>no u

Brilliant! Which libtard user did you join with to combine your two brain cells together with that scathing reply?

Not according to that picture, president for life trump is one sexy beast!

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>if hes not removed, what are you trying to achieve with this?

lmfao so instead of "he'll never get impeached" the rebuttal now becomes "he'll never get removed"?

The poster is simply indicating that he's been impeached... how is this not obvious to you? What's the point of your question?

You're beginning to change from a reasonable person into a fascist sympathizer. You don't have to love Obama to hate the right.

Stop shilling for trump you retarded republinigger
Honestly you would have better luck just saying "I'm a Republican and I see nothing" than that nonsense you copy pasted

That's not even slightly true, silly b

You can only save yourself from rightwing aggression if you have guns, checkmate atheist!


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