“Hey user, whatcha thinkin about?”

“Hey user, whatcha thinkin about?”

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I think "why the fuck is she always doing that same little dance?"

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To make her boobs jiggle ,retard

her jiggle dance has made me lose so much coom over the years

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Plenty of other ways to do that. You would know if you have had sex before

News flash: having sex doesn't teach you how to jiggle your tits.

this is why I keep coming to 5chin

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But you wouldnt know

is sex some sort of special achievement?
I mean it would be with christina but generally people who think of sex as some sort of benchmark are the ones that aren’t having it

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So how do you jiggle your tits?
And describe how some dude fucking you taught you how to do it.



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Post BTM models instead plz thanks.

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I wanna fucking die.

I'm thinking about how sad it is she never did anything hardcore. Would have loved to see a video of her being DPd.


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The years have not been kind to her.

Ugh, what a waste...

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>is sex some sort of special achievement?

Yes actually it is. You know it and I know it.

They never are to most women. For every 10 years a woman ages, a man ages 6.


There's absolutely nothing weird about your step dad wanting to make money selling videos of you bouncing your massive tits around in swim suits and lingerie

Fuck off, ya dirty nigger.

>being this absolutely jealous

Would creampie

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Top 10 anime recoveries.

He saw a money making opportunity, he took it. I would have done the same if I had a busty stepdaughter in the 00's.

What is the nutritional value of a cream pie? I'm thinking about making one for my grandmother, but she's diabetic. Any tips on how to make a healthier cream pie?

Pretty good considering the circumstances of her step-dad sexualizing her and being the sole photographer of all she ever did.

Most girls like her wind up dead or in prison, but she actually managed 2 white children.

the lies on the news
and why impeach a mank for four years
like for a joke?
i kinda need money
u kno
i wanna play carmageddon on actual voodoo hardware

Does anyone have a mega of all her vidoes rather than the picture sets?

What's the story on her anyway? She was all over the internet, then nothing.

I think she was pressured into this "modelling" career and never put too much effort into it. Hell, didnt even get her tits out bare back in the day.
Her career and eventual dive into porn was very unsatisfying. . .
But dem titties tho.

Pretty sure there were videos of her being fed lines to say by a woman off camera. Her mother maybe?

Bless you

complete collections are so rare

I'm thinking about young Christina getting railed doggy style with dem titties flapping back and forth.



>Most girls like her wind up dead or in prison, but she actually managed 2 white children.
stuff that I make up out of thin air for $200, Alex

Do you think those girls will have big boobs?

>christina mom meets man
>have sex and get married
>have little christina model 9 months later
>get divorced and remarry
>notice little christina grew big fucking tits around age 15/16
>stepdad has good idea to start website that sells non nude pictures of his step daughter on this new internet thingy.
>make tons of money
>little christina too shy to show titties
>not too shy to crawl into step daddies bed on friday when mommy is drunk
>eventually start doing seethrough stuff
>by now she's doing it all on her own
>get married to marine/soldier guy
>develop cocaine/painkiller/alcohol addiction
>marriage fails
>christina is not doing well
>showing tits and vibrator up the puss kinda stuff now
>crying on webcam
>marry another sleazy guy
>have falling out with site operator who disagrees with her expensive coke habit
>christina retires
>nothing for years
>eventually pictures of her with 2 girls emerge online
>will she ever come back?
>probably not
>she seems to have cleaned up her act though.

Need more mega links for 2000-2010 models.