Why do Americans eat such disgusting food?

Why do Americans eat such disgusting food?

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>He's never had a greasy American gutbomb.
Why live?

It’s delicious, and being full of it makes you feel amazing. I’m genuinely not fat at all and I love it

That shit looks good OP is just an uncultured eurofag

go back to eating bug meat crabcakes OP

Low IQ.

We're not sophisticated enough to eat bugs we find in our garden

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I will be eating beans from a can while looking at this picture

Because they're a bunch of fat fucks. When they're not packing their heads with food, they're shooting up schools or preaching creationism and anti-vax. Amerifats are a disease.

Kidney pie with mushy peas

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That's a mollusk and they are delish

it makes the billionaire class money, so they brainwash people to eat unhealthy shit all the time, then say "hurrr we just give duh people a choice"

Snails are molluscs, if anything theyre more like seafood. Bugs, that you refer to, are not the same as six-legged insects that we propose as disgusting and foreign to our vibration, and changes our vibration permanently after eating them.

nothing innately unhealthy about eating a burger and fries as long as the rest of your diet is balanced. Most European food is also unhealthy if eaten in excess.

Minister of Health

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those peas aren't mushy

Bug is a genus of Beatles with break like mouth parts, right?

Meanwhile in Australia a delicacy we have is Kangaroo and otherwise either meat or the same fried stuff as America but it costs a fair bit more to order a lot of.

lovely creature

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Not american but "healthy" food as you call it is a total shit. I can't even smell that crap, burgers on the other hand are the best food ever, with fries, and cheese sauce

You are correct. The poster that I referred-to considers molluscs, bugs. In the vernacular, bugs are insects and arachnids. I oppose eating insects and arachnids. I propose enslaving insects and arachnids to our own ends, profiting from their industry moreso, than using them as a food source.

#1 school, #1 military, #1 GDP growth.

Eurofags have fatass people too, and you should see what I eat. It's not hard at all to manage a good nutrition

Also hate=jealous so find something better to do, retard

Will say though my experience with NA and EU, I can totally see why so many people hate NA, most of us are legit the most annoying degenerate disrespectful people I've seen

bullshit, hate doesn't mean jealousy
I hate nogs for example, how is it jealous

youre fucking retarded

Eurofags got no cars, pretend they like walking around, and get this, being on bicycles!! Their countries are tiny!! All that shits gonna get you rekt. THE AUTOMATONS AND MACHINES ARE HERE TO BE FOR OUR USE. Fucking abuse them, get outta the goddamn rain, get your feet off the road. Eurofags.

Mfw China owns the US economy and Russia owns their president.

you're objectively wrong on 2 of your 3 points. you're pathetically uninformed or a liar

I do like walking around you fat lazy fuck, why the hell you need a car if you live in a big city and not some rural shit like 90% of america

You mean like dogs and cats?
Rats and bats?
Yeah, tell me more phaggot

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Oh yeah, they "own" that stuff, from thousands of miles away, without telepathy. Thats some facts ya got there, Eurofag.

eurofag here
he must be britain the rest eat good

If you just hate something from experience that's whatever, but if you are seeking attention and publicly humiliating it to leverage some form of mentality I think that's jealousy.

Europoors are mad again?

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I've already cited this multiple times, top 4 out of 5 schools are in USA. The military is #1 by a long shot, no other country ces close, and it is true we have the highest gdp growth currently.

Yeah I'm American and doing shit outside is way better, trucks are for fags with small dicks.

Get a load of this sucker, it likes being crammed in like sardines. It walks around for utility, not leisure. Big cities, big economic opportunities, big houses, big backyards, big wide streets. We like it all thicc over here.

You Eurofags ride girlbikes!

That's a pasty. Not a pie.

Go eat a Big Mac and lose your house when you can't pay your doctor, fatboy.

as I said, you are objectively wrong. keep screeching about the great ol' usa as you watch with your own eyes it crumble all around you. remember this exchange 30 years from now and see how stupid you were in your youth.

Why eat a big Mac when I can make beef wagu burgers with bleu cheese and sautéed mushrooms with onions? Nigger

Naw dude, I'ma go eat an In-N-Out burger.

Your English as a second language is pretty good, Eurofag. WHY DO YOU SPEAK IT?

Because, eurofag, because of Amerifats!!

Go shoot up a church and build an Ark, Supersize

You are so mad and projecting so much, everything I said is true otherwise I wouldn't have said it.


We here in America speak American, the english Britfags language has deviated so much in vocabulary, and they all have a psychologically-contagious accent. THE WORLD SPEAKS AMERICAN.

And get shot by 6+ people already holding guns, if you want to do it why don't you?

The language originated in England, Tubby. Put down your fatboy burger and look it up.

Because I'm not a big, fat, stupid American retard. Go elect a KGB asset for president, Jumbo.

Neither am I,ignorant subhuman trash.
You got some serious built up emotion should probably report you and get the FBI to hit you up bro

And we made it better, stripped it of its accent. American is English 2.0. Just like the rest of America. We're Europe 2.0, without the gayhaircuts and obsession with weird food

LOL. Hey... Eurofag... go elect a female.

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Lol those are two different people, imagine being this mad.

I mean, that burger looks pretty good to be fair... for what it is - a burger. But Americans do generally eat dog shit taste and quality wise

Because it's literally everywhere. Hard to avoid shitty food when it's thrown in your face.

What makes this better is that guy is actually from Europe.


literally looks like a euro made meal, fucking mayo for your fries... yup checks out

>tfw 6'3, 175lbs 'Merican who wants nothing to do with Trump
>Narrative challenged

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That shits bomb though

we can all eat faggots

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Europoors are so inferior lmao

This nigga eatin bugs

They are utter idiots.

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Ok europoor

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This nigga splitting hairs

wait, first in school ? you fuckers cant even point countries in the map, more creationists that in other part of the world, bad lenguages, scholar sistema is pure shit

But when is the flag placed on that burger in the assembly machine?

mE PoInT To cOunTrIeS oN mAp!!
The world doesn't even know you losers exist. Stay irreverent

Eurofag here. AMA

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I can tell by your grammar, punctuation, and spelling that whatever shithole country you're from provided you with a stellar education, and as a student of the American public education system, I am in awe of your command of the English language.

kill yourselves

No China owns US debt, and Putin if anything did it for the lulz because this has been a net loss for Russia (why doesn't anyone follow the money in these things. Theres like one country that's benefitted the most and they're already elbow deep up USAs ass and have effected elections before)

>never visited america
>implying the flag doesn't just manifest from the sheer amounts of freedom floating around in our air
If you listen real closely and turn Chicken Fried down real low, you can hear an eagle calling on the horizon when the flag appears

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Itt: europoors stay mad that Americans can eat food designed to be convenient and delicious at any time of the day, while they must deal with unsalted butter and stale bread at 2 in the morning

Love it.

lets make an experiment: break your leg, go to my country and see how much you gonna have to pay, then do the same in the usa, which is more, get pull over in my country by polizia and then do the same in usa, in wich one you gonna get shot ? and more, come to my fucking country and see what historical means, you fuckers didnt even have 500 yrs of existence

Plus in this country you give police $$ and everything is OK

You are retarded. Stop acting like everyone doesn't have insurance. Delusional eurocuck kys

i only eat shitty food maybe twice a month for obvious reasons but holy fuck is it good
tell us about your "culture"

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i dont have to pay to have right to go to the hospital, my country doesnt have the most jail population in the world , my country dont fake terrorist atacks to fuck my freedom whit fucking fascist laws that not even the politicians read, and i can go like this all the day , earth atacks, diabetis, dont have own culture, racism, loosing wars agaist farmers , etc , etc ,etc

It's just because they don't have a culinary culture strongly radicated in the territory, also not every burger is shit, it become shitty tier nutriment if you eat mostly that, nigger

This is why the south doesn’t deserve to have to be included with area like the northeast and central US. It’s not even comparable. “Southern” food is a blend of the best kind of cooking and is just all about comfort and fillling you up. But of course when people think of the south they just think of like biscuits and gravy but it’s so much more than that. Just come to South Carolina and I’ll cook you some good ass family food, and we can sit down at the dinner table (with no tv on) and eat it and enjoy it together.

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I've broken both my legs on separate occasions before. I didn't go bankrupt. I'm sure that has happened to some people before, but it's a myth that getting hurt or sick is an instant bankruptcy. I've also been pulled over numerous times since I started driving 23 years ago. I've never been shot. And finally, my country has existed for almost 244 years. We may not have much "history" in terms of how long we've existed compared to other countries. But our history has been more impactful than most European countries. In 244 years, we've done more to change the world than most countries in all history, period. Our pockets are deep. Our politics effect the globe. Our military is a nightmare to pretty much every other nation on Earth. We saved Europe from itself in two wars only a couple decades apart from each other.

I point these things out not in an egotistical way, but in factual way. Who cares if one country has existed longer than another, if the younger country is the modern day Rome, and the other has sat around for the last thousand years being conquered, enslaved, conquered again, invented nothing of note, and can't be pointed out on a map by anyone outside of said country?

mierda, eso es profundo

>#1 school shootings
>#1 military interventions

That dog would probably be delicious if properly prepared.

Also try naming 4 states in a cluster euros

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im from spain, not mexico, spain, we conquered South america and we fuck up every country in europe ( the national anthem of Netherlands had us as evils murders, thats funny), im also quite entusiastic in the military field. I have the courtesy to talk to you in this manner because you show respect, but youre wrong in many aspects. Sorry if my english is not verry Good, but onestly i dont give a fuck, you can understandme and thats the main point of a language, and plus, and in not a hostile or selfish manner, you guys are gonna be talking spanish son. Invest a lot in the military doesnt make it a Good force, Good armies are made when you fight in inferior conditions, and you have to force yourselve to get to a optimul level of discipline. We fucked aztecs, we fucked incas, we fucked native americans too, of course they fucked us too, we fucked frenchs, we fucked italians, we fucked english, we supported you in your Independence war, we fucked danish, we fucked even samurais in cagallan, we fucked russians, we fucked otomans, we fucked moros, we fucked German luterans, etc,etc,etc. We invented the marines, the corp of infantería de marina, we master guerrilla tactics and we fucked napoleon, its not foolish to say that were one of the most expireinced military talking countries in the world, ah, we also fucked portugese, i forgive, and many many more. The wars that you gained were from superior industry and Manpower, not for superior tacticks, bomb the shit out of a 3rd world country is not going to war. If you wanna see what a war looks like, search the blue división, the asault on cartajena de indias, even in times of the roman empire, search from iberos, Numancia, cantabric wars, reconquista, wars in pavia, you have money, but you dont have talent, in the field of the armed forces, This is not an hostile coment, i repeat, its only a friendly opinión.

Godon Ramsay say the reason food am tasty am high fat content. 5 guys burgers fuul of fat an grease and am guud. Vegenatarian food am crap because no animal fat.

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I've been vegan for like a month, lost immense amount of weight but sure as hell I'd love some fatass burger right now. I'm not going to be full vegan, no point if you can't give in to your desires sometimes.

I think that theres one thing that we all have in common: modern left is a cancer which only misión is to destroy the occidental worl and it has to be stopped inmidiatly

then you've never had one of them before. I agree we as American's need to calm the fuck down but we have awesome food here. I love all sorts of food, I love Chinese and Japanese the most and tacos from a good Mexican stand is always nice.

They're slaves to corporations.

fucking fatasses in the US. world's most diabetic and fat country. fix your shit