Wife is a nurse and now wants to go to medical school. It will cost and basically dump all the responsibilities on me...

Wife is a nurse and now wants to go to medical school. It will cost and basically dump all the responsibilities on me. She's determined. And a hot tempered Latina. What to do?

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Divorce and wish her good luck.

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Mentally break her down and convince her she'll fail and to give up on her dreams

Did I mention hot tempered Latina?

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divorce. easy. will cost less

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shit, suffer for a few years of schooling and then become a house husband when she makes twice as much money as you. Sounds ok to me

Beta cuck

Do you love her?

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Yes but drives me crazy too

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Would you stop using her professional picture for random threads with nudes? She's got a career.

I recommend knocking her up

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So support your wife as she follows her dreams and works to be a provider.


And then you'd become her bitch as she never respects you again. Oh, and enjoy raising someone else's kid.

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Who's this slut?


Either support or leave her, it really aint rocket science.

What for?

already an MD
Dr. Cristina Dumitru works in Katy and Houston Endocrine as an endocrinologist who treats patients in Houston

Post a link to her set

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Fekking hot

I want to marry this one

She's gonna leave when she's done to be with someone else in her pay bracket. Don't be a simp.

Be a good cuck and support her.

What do?

Be the husband she married and support her career decisions. Also be a fucking adult and don't whine about "muh responsibilities" And get shit done.

Precisely. She's shooting to find a doc and dump your ass. Doctors are the best for sluts. Too busy to pay attention but they want hot wife. Then she will get her nigger dream fulfilled. She will effectively cuck two at the same time. Everyone knows nurses are sluts and gold diggers so good luck lol

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Bitch doesn't care about the financial and family burden she will inflict by her fantasy. Dump her.

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kill it and its mother

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Know her? She's gorgeous!

Yale doctor

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I think I can see doctor's cute butthole

She would make awesome Harley Quinn!

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>medical school
Might as well be a unicorn

No complaints. Will fap anyway

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Batshit crazy Latina nurse

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Good doctor

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You need big brain for medical school

For serious tho, divorce rates are extremely high for MDs. There was some documentary following a class of Harvard med students and the ones married pretty much all ended up divorced by the time they're done. Medical school+residency in some poor ass location with constant moving for several years after is far from stable. Dating, marrying, or trying to maintain a relationship with a MD or some PhD wanting to work in academia takes a lot of work and is almost always bound for failure. Take it from someone working towards a PhD having dated a doctor and professor during grad school.

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Sacrifices have to be made for a better life user