A girl literally just made this face at me when we locked eyes on the subway

A girl literally just made this face at me when we locked eyes on the subway.

Does it mean that she finds me attractive and was intimidated by me, or she was creeped out by me and giving me a sympathy gesture?

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It was the meh, good enough look

The classic hello in NY because no one wants to talk

How were you so intrigued by this that you made a post on Sup Forums about this?

50/50 shot

It means something about you made her uncomfortable, but not in an intimidating way. She feels embarrassed by you in some way.

Where in New York are you? I want to see for myself

disinterest i think

Maybe she has meth mouth

I like interpreting body language and trying to figure out what people are thinking


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Why are there so many people triggered by this thread's existence? Did I make a BBC cuck thread 404 or something?

Embarrassed for me as a person or embarrassed for herself?

I think just being friendly, if I get that look on the subway it’s kind of a look of commiseration. Doesn’t mean she wants to fuck you but you probably look somewhat relatable.

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What were the 2 of you doing on the roof of a sandwich shop?

I would

Nice! I'll take it.

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I see contempt mixed with a facial shrug. A normal response would be a polite smile, but she tried to suppress it.