Disclaimer: cancer. I do know. May God be merciful and let me pass on a not so horrible way. Onto the discussion now

Disclaimer: cancer. I do know. May God be merciful and let me pass on a not so horrible way. Onto the discussion now.

THIS fucker is OBJECTIVELY the best cigarette on the market. Lasts longer, tastes like natural tobacco, and kills you faster.

Prove me wrong, faggots.

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Marlboro tastes like twigs dipped in liquid shit. They're for white trash to consume with their bud light.

You sound so extremely fucking stupid trying to talk a brand of cigarettes up. McFucking kill yourself

American spirits are the only choice, I know for sure my uncle works at the cigarette factory.

Nigga smoke a real cig

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Fuck off, shill. Shouldn't you be trying to sell your poison on a playground?

I hear you. Amber Leaf was my choice. Real men roll their own. I miss the hit at the back of my throat. Non smoker and I miss it ever single day.

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unfiltered luckies or bust

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by far my favourite

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newport 100s baybee

you're a god damned dirty fuckin stinking nigger arent ya?

almost done with a pack of light blue, been thinking of picking up yellow next
what would your uncle recommend


Real men smoke unfiltered Camels.

rollies for life mate, best taste of natural tobacco, and instant gratification for rolling it yourself

Fucking based. I always smoke dark blue spirits. They last forever

I would if I could fucking find some.

Fuck outta here These be the best Cigarettes

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Shit choice, bro.
But still better than like pyramids or many other brands.

The best and longest lasting cig I've ever had are non-filtered American spirits. Surprisingly worth the premium price when I'm getting 20+ minutes of smoking per cig

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Luxkies are also good but burn much quicker than unfiltered spirits.

I haven't tried unfiltered camels yet
And unfiltered pyramids are pure chem-flavored tongue bite. Never again.

There's really only 1 brand I'd smoke

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Best cigs. Don't even @ me.

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I quit smoking but when i still did I didn't like marlfags at all.
Lucky strike (the ones made in Europe) were by far my first choice.

Only ever smoked Echo 100 lights. How good are the others?


>$12 a pack for those nats
>$8 a pack for luckies, spirits, or camel non filters

Nats are good but not that good. I used to pick them up for $2 a pack all the time in promotion before altria bought them out

literally the best cigs right here

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shilling for a multi-billion dollar company? that's sad.

Get on my level, faggots

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Somebody already posted Luckies, faggot.

Easily the best. It’s the Coca Cola of smokes. Best advertising, packaging and flavor. I’d say camel Is in second. Turkish royals are pretty good. Marb lights are good too but a cocktease. I always need two in a row

Any other Vantage smokers here tonight? No? Just me?

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I'd walk a mile for a Camel!

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I’ve only had yellow so far. Recommendations?

Since I've picked up Spirits I cant choke down a Marlb. Do yourself a favor OP. It's like another dollar and it actually smokes like twice as long.

My bad, faggot

>not smoking overpriced niggatine
I almost feel bad for you

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Light blue bruh.

Copy that

>still smoking ciggies in 2020

try a roll up nigger

Camel Turkish Gold..smooth, super good.

My niggga!

Truth. All cigs are fucking chem loaded trash except spirits.

Ha! That was my grandpa's brand. Haven't seen that since he was alive. He died, but not from smoking so maybe that's a good brand.

Nats used to be natural tobacco too.
Not sure is altria fucked that up or not though


Camel stopped making good cigs about 15 years ago. They taste like unwashed asshole now.

I smoke the brown non-filtered
I also really like the black perique blend
If you like a lot of flavor I'd your smoke they those

No problem, faggot.

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Are camel natural flavor any good?
We don't have American spirit here in p*land

I think yalls cigs are better anyway. When I was in Europe the Malboro Reds tasted like candy.

why do people say different cigs taste so much different, with such unique flavors etc? there might be a slight variation in taste among cigs but for the most part they all taste like shit

It's like when you first drink coffee, wine, or scotch. You can't taste anything but the nasty. You gradually get use to it then you start to taste the subtler flavors. Just takes time.

I've been smoking for years dude, all cigs taste the same to me

damn, that kinda sucks. bum tasters I guess. sorry user

Camel Filters.

Since noone wants to eat their cig, having a filter is a requirement.

Camel doesn't use fiberglass in their filters (which is why they aren't rock fucking hard), and thats why Camel Filters are the best.

The flavor changed like 10 years ago and they suck now. I switched to lights. Nb4 camel fags.

> Marlboro
Better try iqos. You wont smell like shit and would avoid lung problems, maybe ofc

Found the 19 year old hipster. No one thinks you are cool for smoking old people cigarettes.

Can confirm. By far the best, I prefer the orange.

Because you're smoking for the chemical effects and not the flavor.
Also probably smoking garbage (which even includes major top shelf brands most of the time)

To buy a pack of non filters and smoke them more like cigars instead of huffing that shit down for a fix

They make holders
Go get a German made denicotea holder and shut the fuck up

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Hardest hittin cig I've encountered and it tastes amazing.

>Hardest hittin
Tried these?
They used to be much stronger than any other camel in every way.

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What's the hype on american spirits? Like what makes them so good or different?

I personally prefer the south korean joints like ice jack and molas. They taste like flavors and atill give you a buzz


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They have nothing added to them. It's just tobacco. Personally other name brand cigs make me feel really sick. American Spirits are very pleasant. I've never tried these south korean smokes you mention.

They are legit natural tobacco cigs.
Most other major brands, especially filtered, use a percentage of reconstitute tobacco (take all the trash tobacco, stems, and "floor sweepings" and blend it with some glue to make paper then shred that paper and blend it in with the real tobacco and other additives to make a cig)
So there's that.
American spirit also seems to pack their cigs considerably tighter than most other brands as well which makes for a lasting smoke

am i the only one who prefers a short smoking sesh over a long one?

I break my non-filters in half most of the time.
Half the time but without much more waste

I haven't smoked in years and I really have no desire to pick it back up, but when I did, these sweet fig newton-ass motherfuckers were my shit. What's this say about me?

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Says you smoked Camels back when they were good lol. They changed their tobacco and its really bad now.

Fuck maybe I should try those. Anything else I should know?

Sometimes Spirits can be too tightly packed to really get a good draw, if that happens just gently squeeze it and roll it around with your fingers and it'll be good to go

You get what you pay for

Where I live enough per pack prices look like
>$4 for pyramids/eagle20
>$5-6 for standard brands like Marlboro or regular camels
>$7 for name brand niche cigs like bitch sticks (slims)
>$8 for spirits, luckies, non-filter camels, ect.
Everything after is pretty much just luxury brands. For example the fancy nat Shermans fo for like $12 a pack

fuck yes, been smoking it for 4 years now. It tastes a bit chemical now but still

Nice, maybe I'll buy a pack and have a smoke after a drink or two, thank guys

You won't regret it.
May not be good enough for the price to you once you try but I doubt you'll regret the purchase

I'm a cheapass sonofabitch and even I don't regret it when I get a pack of light blue spirits. Such pleasure.

This guy gets it

Also excellent

Still very good

You haven't tried these you faggot

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marlboro is the most overrated brand yes.