Post celebs that used to be hot but have since turned into beef cattle

Post celebs that used to be hot but have since turned into beef cattle.

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still would.

still hot

Millie looks 40 and has multiple stds

Pure beef.

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holy fuck look at those hocks

Billie English has aids if that counts

She is a celeb of Sup Forums

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who is this pig?

used to be hot? she's just reached her prime. she's hotter than she's ever been before. and she's even pregnant now, doubly hot

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broke nigger detected


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She use to have gap teeth. Post those pics.

how do you figure?


>muh "healthy weight"
ur spanx is vis'ble

for poor people fat represents wealth so they find it attractive. plus niggers dig fat whores.

OP specified "used to be hot"
You're breaking the rools

Jesus fuck no

i'm baffled by guys who think pregnancy is sexually attractive. Bunch of closet cucks.

ok she's very cute in the face tho

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>still would.

yeah, but she wouldn't touch your faggoty ass

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Hotter than ever

Consequences were never the same

>Hotter than ever

you're fucking kidding, right? unless you're into traps, faggot

GTFO, newfag

Thats a shop.

Having said that, I prefer thicc to thin so this image got saved.

She should've just died at 18

>equating fertility fetish with cuckoldry
imagine being this retarded

whatever lets you sleep at night, closeted homosexual pedophile

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Demi is a Goddess

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Another Goddess Selena

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i still definitely would

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She beat up her ex and he crawled back to her. Emma Roberts needs a real man

So excited for her

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love the thickness

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she has one of the most fuckable faces


Imagine cumming on that face

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i couldnt pull out

Yes wish she had nudes

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I love braphogs hehehehhheheehhehehe

Some thought this was hot in 2010

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Need outtakes from this shoot of Demi Lovato

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>how old are you?
>idk between 9 and 37

Stroking for it now

I didn't know that. Some dealer somewhere should have bought higher quality condoms