Is a 18y boy dating a 13y girl too weird?

Is a 18y boy dating a 13y girl too weird?

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Honestly, if a guy is able to provide for a girl, he works, has a house, does things traditionally (no sex before marriage), and all parties are consenting, then it should be ok, but this 18 year old probably doesn't have anything figured out and will just use her for sex, very likely getting her pregnant and ruining both of their lives. I imagine that the laws are put into place, really, to avoid that latter scenario from occurring, not so much "13 = GROSS!"

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where im from it isn't technically illegal to date a 13yo when you are 18 but you can't legally have any sexual contact which probably includes kissing. imo its pretty weird, and a sign that you aren't mentally at the same level as peers your age.

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At that age it's frowned upon, but my dad was 6 years older them my mum, and started dating when she was 16. Just keep it in your pants for a few years and be respectable


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Pretty sure it’s illegal even in states with Romeo and Juliet laws like North Carolina.

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Lol not really but it’s still illegal

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