KIK. usemywife6
Also looking for someone to cock tribute my cum slut

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Fuck off.

Gangbang slut Julia

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Why the fuck is everyone a cuck on this website

Kill yourselves faggots

Dirty little anal slut

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Kik vicblack1 he's a wannabe cuck tell him Master G sent you

26 M Italy 9 inches

High rn, looking for everything
Hit me up


Do you do cock tributes

What's your kik Master g?

No sorry

lets see her ass


need help to get my gf all over internet, anyone wanna help?
kik: qwzer0

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On the left. Fucked her in the ass once when she said she wasn’t on the pill

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Nice ass

Cucks kik grizzly616 and I will trib your girl you must have nudes with their face or you can tick off and waste someone else's time with your larping bullshit

Compersion is why I am.

You have absolutely no idea what a cuck is do you?

You fap to pics a dude sends you on Kik and you call others larpers. Fuck off. Real bulls don't fap, they meet girls irl and fuck. Fucking larper.

fucking ignorant Millennials think anyone that shares a picture of their girlfriend is a cuck! A cuck is someone who sits in the corner or hides in the closet and Jack's his dick while someone else fucks his girl ! DAMN!

>nu-Sup Forums
the absolute fucking state of this board

Chuck's kik is farrisdayoffvt
His wife's kik is displayed.
She strips at vixens in wva

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kik ExposureLover and I'll show you my gf

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Cock whore


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Looking for a 619 bull to plow my girl
Kik poundskeeper.

Have any bulls saved her pics? Send them to rick890890

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my gf and i swing, kjersti43


Anyone wants to jerk off to my gf and spread her pics around?

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I need her. post moer



My tight slut.

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Cucks Kik xiaminvisiblex with pics and experiences

is that it?

what you think?

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Nice ass

I think you should drop your kik

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We are a couple looking for other couples kik kate105105

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Any cuck/couples here who love to suck cock together??
I’m a bi guy that loves to fuck both man and wife

for which reason? here is more of her btw

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My cock is so hard for her more ass pics. Kik me.


Want kik to get more pics. She looks like such a nice unassuming girl. Love seeing her slutty side.

Dump it all

I just got here, you want us to rape your gf? ok would. keep posting ass

spread her around? downloading kik now

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What’s your username?

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Anon17105 or his girlfriend lena.katss both sent me some great stuff



Guys I'm not op just wanting him to message me lol

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Teens Links list
> See the chan. Hope you'll find what you want...



kik: funk_twist
cucks show me your gfs
bonus points if you show me her feet too.

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Kik: johnanonanon955

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Hit me up on xhamster

Cucks Kik bigbulleight for a wwyd

Any maor

Your girlfriend is gorgeous. If you have Kik, message me at LittleHooptie and I'll jack my fat cock off and pump out a huge cumload to her and her sexy face. Or let me know a way to message you privately. I definitely want more of your GF.

kik anonws
mega #F!sxJk0Q4Z!RstkrzYE0KjTaKmtFFooPw

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messaged you

Kik bullforyourwife90 and send me your sluts

I told a cuck that I would find "safe" bulls for him that wont post his pics on here.. we all know thats a lie. See what you can get from him and make him a real cuck. kik is edm_monster_303 no dashes

post results

kik: fill_her69
will let u fuck her for money or gifts

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pics are of his gf FYI


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Send me your gfs and wives
Kik- tylerrlitt

That's Rebecca Levan
I already know that you pieces of shit are spamming the board with cuck/IR shit, but you should seriously try a little harder instead of making it so obvious.

any luck?

Kik: Jaylee4e

white guy with big cock, looking to jerk off, do tributes etc

Who wants to spread around?

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forgot pic

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Who is this older woman? She's sexy as fuck and I like her hairy pussy. Is there more of her? Or does anyone have pics of a woman like this, with a hairy pussy? If so, please Kik pics to me at LittleHooptie

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Got full frontal?

Kik me jcrookj

33m italian bull
Looking for a good online or in real life cucl/bull relationship. Better if the wife is in the thing

Kik milkcarton86

Btw im hard and horny now

He literally have you had Kik and a link for a bunch of pics you fuckin dork