Guitar thread , this is my Tom Delonge epi , what do you play ?

Guitar thread , this is my Tom Delonge epi , what do you play ?

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With my balls.


I own several guitars but these days primarily play on my Fender Ed O'Brien Strat or my Olympia White 1965 Fender Jazzmaster.

Hows that thing play?

Heres my cortX but I mainly play on my ibanez

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2004 LP standard.
I had a job then of course

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Thanx, I want to change the pickups though... Just waiting for cash

Cool guitar but where did you get the astronaut flag deal

my ovation, or "ovulation" as my dad calls it

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To the stars media . Com

This is my Epiphone Goth SG Le

Seymour Duncan Pickups

JB & SH-2n

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very nice man. what's your favorite ava album?

Epi Les Paul Standard 2016
Epi EJ-200CE 2017
Yamaha Nippon Gaki 1968ish

the yamaha is an FG-300.

Thanks man ! LOVE 1 and 2 for sure

same heree. fav song?

Inertia/behold a pale horse/ all that we are are all 3 my fav songs on that album can’t pick one. What’s yours ?

Went to the OKC show December 19I’ve been playing guitar for a couple years and during the concert my drunk wife went online and ordered that guitar for me for Christmas literally during the show . Probably the sweetest thing ever .

yeah behold and all that we are is my two favs. i cant pick between the two lol, they're great

she's a fucking keeper man wtf

That's a nice looking guitar OP, I started a year and a half ago and I bought a Jackson js22-7, It's a really nice playing guitar

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Hey thanks ! I started a year and half ago too! If you don’t mind me asking how old you and what made you want to start ? I’m old (35) I mostly messed around with electronic music as a trance producer and dj before giving that up . I really regret not picking up the guitar sooner . It’s changed my life and perspective on music . How do you like guitar so far and what’s your progress been like ?

Pacifica 112v and Katana

Nothing special, but keeps me busy and happy.

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Man, I'd love to get a Jackson Dinky one day. Amazing instruments.

Gretsch, ax 40 d, fender strat, epi les paul, fender and ibanez acoustic

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