How fucked am i

How fucked am i
What to do ?

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Suicide is only option

Run for president. According to Stormy Daniels the tiny mushroom cap is 100% Trumpian

Take a pic sanding up. The dick always goes in like a turtle going back into its shell when you sit like that.

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Uhh..not mine

I was standing

>What to do ?
Kill yourself.



D-did you really just get insecure about people online thinking that micro-SBC might be yours?

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No, i was just saying mine doesn't do that!

You’re incredibly fucked user

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Mine does when it’s cold but then again it’s always cold here. When it’s warm they hang low like apples on a tree

Have you thought about being a bottom for the superior white man? We could use you as a slave

It really donest mattter when it's soft, show it hard.

Honestly if you’re black and don’t have a BBC that should be considered a disability


turn gay
gays will suck it

Sug da nub

This dude believes a stripper. LOL

Lig the clit

Ancient greek people considered small penis as a noble trait of wisdom

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why are you black

That’s not true. That was just a theory. It’s now widely accepted that the artists made the penis small so it didn’t distract from the rest of the body. Basically so women were capable of appreciating the art

Don't give them any ideas

And so fags wouldn't rub their b holes on the big dick statues


Women can appreciate all art..

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Every girl I met assumes that I have a BBC so it's a disappointment when ever they see my little clitoris

Not OP

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>Shit skin
>Baby dick
Oh no no no no

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Is it true that people with smaller dicks often get humiliation fetishes and like seeing women of their race fuck big dicked men of another race?

I’ve talked to micro dicked Asians who fapped to WMAF, micro dicked whites who fap to BMWF, etc

Seems to be a pattern with small dick and race fetish from my observation

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Is that five night at freddy's cosplay xD i love that game

lose about 50 pounds fatass

to lose weight, you need to put your body into ketosis mode, that is when you cut out almost all carbohydrates and it forces your body to burn fat for energy, that means NO MORE potatoes, NO MORE rice, NO MORE breads, NO MORE pasta, NO MORE gravy on anything, and NO MORE candy and sodapop, eat only a little meat and lots of green vegetables,

you do that and all that fat will go away in a few weeks

I recommend you get a chastity cage and never take it off

man, i did that and lost 100 lb's.

So your penis grew

Yeah, about 1.5 inch, my fupa went. so OP is fucked lol

why, just become a politician and fuck cause of money, or get an asexual grill