53yo daily weed smoker here. AMA

53yo daily weed smoker here. AMA.

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how do i get rid of my THC sensitivity? one little bowl is all it takes for me to start drooling and thinking plates are goddamn wondrous

That’s not a bad thing. It means your habit won’t cost much. Tolerance will come with time.

yeah but i use it for my body pain, i dont want to be zoinked out at work

40 yr old daily smoker reporting in. I was in the service for 22 years, sober as a newborn kitten, and now I blaze constantly. I don't how I ever did it.

Not sure m80. You might need to find another analgesic for work and just blaze up at home.

OP here. I have a history of drinking more than I should. Not a complete shambles, but enough to be a problem. Weed helps me to regulate my booze intake. I come home from work, have a choof and a coffee, and then have no interest in drinking.

Dad is that you?

Thankfully I have some sort of medical aversion to alcohol so I've never been much of a drinker. I think it's related to low iron levels, but I'm sure. Weed is now my go-to thing to chill me the fuck out and get on with my life without bullshit negative feelings. And my new wife blazes so that's a plus.

How do you keep a job assuming you live in USAh dont they test your piss weekly?

What's it like being a degenerate whose empty life revolves completely around inhaling plant toxins? Aren't you embarrassed by it at your age? Really sad, honestly. Hope you get better.

You’re lucky to have a like-minded wifey. The media has done its work on mine and now she thinks all drugs are evil and that weed = meth.

Well, it doesn't help that she's 15 years younger than me. I basically just bullied her into getting high a couple times and now she likes it and enjoys it. She's not a daily user but def enjoys it.

On a somewhat related note, we visited Amsterdam over the summer and I was super disappointed in their selection. Any half-wit drug dealer in the US has better weed.

Why would you think anyone cares about whatever little bit of knowledge you have to share?

I live in Australia and work in an industry which usually tests for it. Luckily the company I work for now is privately owned and the owner doesn’t like to waste money on random tests.

You sound angry, champ. You should work on that. It’s not a good way to go through life. As for my age, do you ask the same question of beer-drinkers or cigarette smokers? No. That’s because you are letting the law do your thinking for you.

Well, the fact that people are replying would seem to be a reason.

Reccomend me a strain that won't make me fucking panic. I haven't found one yet.

I’m sorry to hear that. I was there in 2014 and loved it.

Try a sativa strain. Avoid the high-THC indica strains.

Must be nice. Nyways good luck in your future endevours user

Some names please. I'm tired of the guessing game with the dealer. Too many panic moments, I'm thinking I'm just prone to panicking when stoned.

You more than likely are. Wife has the same issue. Try vaping your herb on lower temps that works for her. Also go real slow, lil baby puff every 30 mins

Micro dose works for me, but I vape bud. Using for ~ 2 yrs.

Your probably right. I've had a few good moments stoned but it's been quite awhile kinda feels like I'm chasing it. Maybe it's time to give it up

Cancer and auto accidents take care of those useless people well enough. With potheads unfortunately it's a full life of smoking pot and telling everyone about it.

Try to lighten up m8. A life of sneering and judging is not good for your health either.

It's the other way around. Sativas tend to have a more stimulant effect and are more likely to cause anxiety.

>go into thread
>i dont like this
>i knew i wouldnt like this but i came here anyways
>time to tell everyone about it like a fucking hypocrite

How do I love the neet life like you and not want to kill myself when I get to your age and realize that my life is meaningless?

Makes me hungry as fuck tho

He said nothing about having an empty life, or that his life revolved around weed, just that he smoked it. Why so angry and why take shots in the dark?

35 yo weed smoker here, daily, it's been too much for over a decade now but i can't stop, any advice? i live alone, make decent money, and know where to get it for a good price; but have big troubles stopping even for a few days. i don't want to stop by any means but i feel its out of control