Oh look. Millie's doing some healthy & innocent yoga

Oh look. Millie's doing some healthy & innocent yoga

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No, it's spelt 'leotard'

why would you post this on a website filled with so many loli threads, i dont want to see a bunch of tards go after a child

She's 15. Super-smart, fully developed and can legally drive. She hasn't been a child in years

>she's 15.
you wrote my point for me

Legal in several countries & states.

If someone still has to go to highschool, legally be forced to live with their parents, etc. then they are still a child. Just because its legal doesn't make it morally right.


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morals are over rated

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>looks like "x" so must be "x"
good luck with that

thats just an opinion though

and yet he's right

"but they looked like this and my little monkey brain couldn't understand the difference"
is basically their defense for being pedos

No, it's their defence for finding someone as obviously sexually attractive as Millie - sexually attractive. It's not pedophilia, it's ephebophilia,. and there's a big fucking different. Millie has the body of a woman, not a child, and that's what men find attarctive.

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just because you find new words for it doesn't change what it is. thats not the body of a woman thats the body of a teenage girl i.e. a child.

Just say u wanna fuk a kid already

11/10 would bang
Fuck these moralfags

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luckily you fags are too ugly and retarded to be able to prey on anyone.

No, I don't. Millie, I would certainly take on a weekend to Paris and never leave the hotel room. I'd just be happy lying there, balls deep & spent, with my face buried twixt those wonderful breasts of hers.

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You're a fucking retard.

yeah you can try and call me a retard all you want but im nothing compared to this tard

Her tits are fantastic!!

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wonderful, shapely breasts

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Damn those tits are coming in nicely.

Anddddd...... I came

If she bleeds she breeds. Nature made her biologically prime to breed right now. To not want to fill her young tight cunt with seed right now is unnatural. This is why you are a retard.

Oh, they're already in - and mostly out

Now, now. Let's keep this civil. The girl is pure, let's help her keep that way by worshipping from afar

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Can't blame you

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Nope. Look at those hips. She's ready to be filled with cum

Millie threads always make me shoot the biggest loads

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Cut it out.

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Found the libertarian.

Yes, you wanting to FUCK said child doesn’t mean she isn’t.

Ok libtard.

Post wholesome Millie.

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Law in my country says she's legal to fuck. Law in her country and most other countries says she will be legal to fuck in a month or so.

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Well she is dating some 17 year old rugby player or something so prob has been yeah

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Law says she is able to consent to sex, not that she's available.

No shit.

She's was ment for milf status in the teen secton how sad we need to wait


>whiteknighting on Sup Forums
Not sure if troll or retard

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Does anyone have the rest of the vids from her story? The one where she's sitting on the ground is so blatant.

Mumkey Jones taught me what ephibiophilia was.

Fucking sucks that it's bad to be attracted to her, I understand why, but I'm underage so I could legally bust a fat one in her mouth.

Lmao pedophiles sure are a goofy bunch.
Let’s go. It’s your turn to meet the gallows

Oooor I could get a titfuck, irrumatio with her prolly ain't as good as nutting in her cleavage

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She's not even that hot, all the attraction is cause she's 15

Not really. I find her attractive because she's smart, kind, funny, smarter than you, a millionaire and she's got a wicked sense of humor. The tits, ass, and that thing she does with her tongue when she's sucking me off that makes me go blind for half an hour are just bonuses