Pommes frites, end of story

Pommes frites, end of story.

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You can have your apple fries

Fuck yeah, Pommes frites!!!! btw danish fries are best

They're called steak fries you pompous faggot

and so concludes our spud tale
thanks for coming everybody!

ITT: everyone gets it wrong
They're called chips

french fries, end of story

in bongistan we call them chips

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Neeeheeee!! PATAT heet dat....
Tsjonge jonge.. Mafkezen onder de rivieren...

Its called PATAT!

Potato Legs

potato tenndies

This Story is deep af

With lots of Merican Ketchup


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This is chips.. Your photo is PATAT

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Patat met worst, saucijzen, gebakken ei en bonen in tomaten saus..
Ranzige combinatie... Maargoed

Ben ik de enige fucking Nederlander hier die patat schrijft??

חדרי כושר אלה חושבים שקוראים להם צ'יפס ולא צ'יפס חחח.

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Es "papas fritas," ese.

What is the story of Euro Fags putting Mayo on the Chips (French Fries) What is wrong with Merican Ketchup or

If you're not calling them Tater Turds, you have no right to enjoy them

>Merican Ketchup

Corn syrup.

it's all aboot the poontang eh

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