So my dick was really itchy Sunday night but it’s gotten better since then...

So my dick was really itchy Sunday night but it’s gotten better since then. Only now when the left side of my dick isn’t covered in dead skin it looks like pic related. One user suggested I buy Tinactin. I did just fuck a girl about a month ago but she was clean. How fucked am I

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Stop jerking off and lotion it.

So I’m sweating over nothing or what?

Unfortunately that about to be a herpes outbreak, went threw it last year from a nasty bitch.


Doesn't look irritated enough an infection, fungal or otherwise, Looks like a friction burn.

If this is the case- what can I do to manage it?

Post full dick

Pic related is the only affected area

Need a better pic i.e full dick

Looks like Ligma, luckily it's pretty easy to fix

You got dry dick from jerking off so much faggot. Don't be a fucking coomer

yeah, moisturizer and no jerking for a while should fix it. Put lotion 2-3X per day and clean pants and you should be fine in less than one week

Looks like cancer, OP. Best get out a a pair of scissors just to be sure.

We need see your whole dick, otherwise we cant help you.

Hope you fucks are right. Outside the doctors office right now

Dick scabies

just a dry dick bro. herpes is very itchy and painful before an outbreak.

You let a jew doctor cut off part of your dick?!

Made me laugh. Thanks.
Hope so

Just use your ass some aloe vera your dick dry my man

Doc said it looked like balanitis to him. Any bros here ever been through that before?