I drink A LOT of coca-cola (maybe 1l a day) what will happen to me (maybe for 1,5 years now)

I drink A LOT of coca-cola (maybe 1l a day) what will happen to me (maybe for 1,5 years now)

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Just a higher risk of diabetes is all

higher risk of diabetes and risk of kidney stones

switch to tea

Enjoy your diabetes, friendo.

Start drinking 3l per day and see for your self in 0,5 years from now.

your dick falls off

Nothing. Diabetes is easily treatable these days.

Stomach cancer and kidney stones happen

ah shit i guess i should stop then

I'm 38. Been drinking the same amount of coca cola a day for the past 23 years. You'll just get a gut. Not a huge gut mind you, assuming you do some type of workout routine.

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My overweight father has almost exclusively drunk coke for 10 years, he rarely drinks anything else but somehow he hasn't died yet or got diabetes

I used to drink 2L a day, sometimes would piss this burning sand sorta stuff. I'd have to sit for like half an hour and dribble it out until it stopped burning.

I cut way tf back and now I don't, but didn't realize I hadn't until seeing these two thoughts together.

You will end up fucking fat and depressed OP. I drank about a liter and half of doctor pepper a day until I was 350lbs I quit that shit a year ago and I’m back down to 220lbs already .

Too much sugar can cause the weird crystals that come with gout, had a girl do a research presentation on it for a methodologies of research class

Sauce ? Moar ?

Kidney stones

Drinks more than 1.5L of soda since many years.
nothing. Depends of your genetic AND what you eat.

Your arteries will be clogged!


I knew a guy, probably in his mid 30's at the time, who every time I saw him he had a 2 liter bottle of code red he was sucking on and wouldn't ya know it, he developed full-on diabetes about 10 years later. He had a bit of a gut, but nobody in his family was diabetic. Oh, and he had to have ALL his teeth pulled because they all rotted.

That shit is poison.

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If you drink a LOT, like I did, you run the risk of actualy wearing out your esophagus-stomach sphincter thing and letting acid start to leak out. It can get bad enough that overnight you can end up with acid burns in your mouth from what keeps coming up.