How do I become more transphobic?

How do I become more transphobic?

I want to be more transphobic to fit in on the Sup Forums community, but every time I try, I can't help but support them and their rights. I really try to convince myself that transgender people deserve fewer rights than the rest of the population, but I always end up believing that they're being mistreated by conservatives and that they diserve better.

How do I change this belief?

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Fuck one and see how useless they are, then you will understand that they aren't human, don't deserve rights, and are only here for us to abuse and make our play things. That's the conservative way.

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Transphobic? How could someone be scared of transexuals? What an idiotic word.

No-one thinks they deserve fewer rights. We just want them to STFU already.

I want to lynch them (and fuck the cute ones, then lynch them too)

you have to be white, middle class and male, if your anything but - you can't join this community, sorry OP, faggot

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Why would you want to stoop to that level of autism?

head over to /bant/. They love trans people over there and that way you don't have to forcibly change your belief.

see this

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> That's the conservative way.
I used to be a conservative, and I really agree with many things that the conservatives say, but now that the republicans have decided that Jews are cool, and are sending American soldiers to die on their behalf, I don't know anymore.

Republicans aren't conservatives, they are an oligarchy. Also, I'm Canadian, so, yea.

Take some time to comprehend this, I feel pretty confident that this is a good explination.

Continue to realize that most if not all transgender people are sorely lacking the attention that their feeble minds can't seem to handle not getting enough of, thus they resort to giving into a social appeal that combs them in with the fact that everyone has thought about being the separate gender at least once in their lives.

All they want is to get somebody to notice them for being "brave" or actually getting off their ass and doing something worthwhile with their life, and picking up on a trend and actively changing most if not all of who they originally were, just to side with something that has no ground or greater meaning behind it. Only for, at the end of the day, to get people to notice them.

The reason they want so much attention is because they're too ignorant to face their own problems, so they resort to deflecting them into other realms of thought that have little or nothing to do with how they act; i.e blaming the lack of "care" they think society should be giving them on transphobia or bigotry, and that staying trans is a way to look "brave and strong" for the benefits society gives them in current year.

The fact more people are becoming transgender is because of it's exponential growth, since mere exposure to it is plenty for someone to decide to transition.

In reality, it's a completely fucking meaningless trend at it's roots and is literally devolving us as a species.

Keep on objecting, brother.

But the ones looking for attention on Sup Forums are not transgenders, but people who jack off to transgenders

But I only browse porn boards.

I'm referencing transgenderism as a whole.

Well you go to /lgbt/ and see ther incessent whining

>Posts picture of a naked trap
>"I can't help but like them"
Then do yourself a favor, join their 41%, and never come back into our board

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He's not a trap, he's a FTM transgender, and I think that sticking a flag up your ass is a very brave thing do to to protect your rights, I admire him so much.

not gonna read your useless post
all u gotta know
is u r a fucking faggot
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cont. also u idiot who cant spell deserve

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Trans people are delusional. They need real mental help. Supporting a trans person is like helping someone with depression commit suicide. Its counter intuitive.

Can confirm as a trans person i'm defo just delusional and need real mental help

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Not him but yep fucked multiple trannies they are all the pinacle of degeneracy and mental problems without serious illness like schizphrenia and such. Most of them do drugs or live hedonistic life styles in wich sex is the main point, they have a lot of sex, wich is a sign of mental problems. Then some of them try to have real relationships but cant sustain them for long because they are train wreck. Havent met a mentally sound tranny yet.

Meanwhile i'm out here with a sane mind just living my life, I don't do drugs and i'm not schizo, not got bpd, bipolar or anything of the sort, none of my trans friends do drugs or have any mental issues either. Not sure where you're meeting your trans people to get all the mentally unstable ones

> they have a lot of sex, which is a sign of mental problems
> fucked multiple trannies
Hmmm, sounds like projection, tbh. Maybe the reason why all the people you had sex with had mental problems is because you are unfuckable for mentally sound people?

You ref'd the wrong person i'm pretty sure. Did you mean

>helping someone with depression commit suicide. Its counter intuitive.
Our beliefs differ fundamentally. Why spend energy trying to maintain high entropy?