Dubs decide

dubs decide

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How big is your dick

Do a flip

Hi. You're probably gonna off yourself aren't you? Statistically I mean.

would you eat my poo

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Have you taken it balls deep yet?

We have a winna!

WiNrawrRRrR .....xD


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How big is your dick

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Would you like to be the father of our child?

Op ded she sat on him

Nah it's more likely that the creature killed itself.

Sit on my face pls


I'm gonna suck your dick so good girl

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rip she unmatched

Update your windows fag

^o^ W I N ^o^

Did you just assume my gender

>men are freaks
>is a man
Does your fupa chafe very often?

we have 2

all fupas chafe lol

Post another fagOP. Or was he your only match?

OP is a faggot

I just want you to scratch the inside of my anus

can i suck your dick?