Does anybody here remember the old internet before the monopoly of Big Tech? What was it like?

Does anybody here remember the old internet before the monopoly of Big Tech? What was it like?

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Sup Forums but everwhere

A lot of really shitty text based web pages with no web design or appeal. Image boards were still pretty big. Everything took forever to download, including images on a site. Forums had rules like "No images over 128kb" in order to keep their bandwidth down and allow other users to load pages faster. Napster and Limewire and Kazaa were the go to's for downloading porn and music. And yes, CS 1.3 was absolutely based and filled with the level of competitive trash talk you would expect from a platform that had essentially no rules or regulations. Before E-sports were huge HLTV was a thing that competitive leagues for Counter Strike used to stream footage of games for the Cyber Athletic League.

Play the game "Hypnospace Outlaw" to get a pretty good idea.

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Person post exact question with exact photo all the time.

Also, chat rooms. Everywhere. Really shitty fan sites made with the most base level understanding of HTML on Geocities or Homestead. Really fucking bland.

You being data mined

And this. Fucking fantastic game, such a nostalgia rush. I loved that game so much.

>What was it like?
Free Speech everywhere and slow as fuck. The (((Powers that be))) saw how redpills were being dropped in AOL chatrooms and put an end to free speech on the internet.
But it was slow.

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It was a like this

internet forums were great for picking up Links of information that wasn't in the mainstream.

Youtube comments were also a great place to find links, around 2007 is when they cranked down. Bots were unleashed all over the interwebz. Shills began to disrupt all decent forums.

I remembering posting on Forums and everybody had long ass signatures with a bunch of images.

>What was it like?
better except german sites, they were full of scat-porn.

This thread has been posted on a few boards over the last few days. So is this a viral marketing campaign.

The wild fucking west. It was totally unpoliced and there was no such thing as ‘e commerce’, it was purely about getting in touch with other underground weirdos with all kinds of semi illegal porn.
>Napster limewire and Kazaa

Ah. The good day of cs 1.6.

We just had this thread

this. except there was no need to be as edgy and most people treated each other with some semblance of respect even when it wasn't deserved.

The #1 takeaway of the last thread was
Its impossible to put into words how much better it was without women and niggers

All the fags were isolated to AOL

Those were definitely the main peer2peer programs. Or bearshare. Of course if you knew how to work Google you could index the back end of some websites and search for mp3s they may have uploaded to their servers but let's be real not many back in the day were aware of this trick.

It took a while for the modem to connect to anything. Of course, you had to basically pay by the hour, and nobody else could use the phone at that time.

That being said, since Internet access was somewhat complicated and technical, the content that you found out there was good. There was real information. Intelligent people posted on BBS and later in chat rooms.

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1.6 zombies or avatar modes, jail break too

2007. Fuck off kid.

used to be comfy before normies ruined the internet

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remembering it almost makes me want to cry.

Counter strike was shit, Team Fortress and Gmod was better

Stop posting this exact same thread every day, you autistic kangaroo fucker

Organizing an entire team on de_dust to buy machine guns and charge into the center building firing non-stop

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And PowWow which was madly ahead of its time in 1999 with VOIP, real time sketching and radio streaming.

if it has adds all over it, and you remember it fondly as the old days, you are a newfag.

Based boomer. CS was what, 40 years ago?

Sweet. Another data mining thread. SAGE.

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Back in the day of the 24k external modem. I miss those days. Waiting half an our to download a gif image of Elle McPherson only to find it got corrupted halfway through. Back when you paid for internet in blocks of time. Anyone here go back as far as BBS’s?

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I've seen this post at least 3 times
It's ok now, move on, you got your fucking opinion, I even replied to the first, but there is a reason I do not watch cable TV.
Something in a little box

It's just a random pic I found. Your kind of cancerous holier than thou attitude also contributed to the decline of the internet.

You could call someone a niggerfaggot in video games without getting banned. This meant thin-skinned losers got chased off and only bantlords and silent types stuck around. Way better than online games today.

This, basically

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Online games today are stupid. Absolutely. The people that play online games these days are stupid

I want to -own- my games again. No one should be banned except cheaters.

>Does anybody here remember the old internet before the monopoly of Big Tech? What was it like?

It was like old Sup Forums. Memes would last for weeks, flash was everywhere and even your average PC consoomer knew how to use IRC.

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I was a youngster in those days but man, looking back at it is like a dream. A really peaceful dream.

The internet has always been 'monopolized" by big teach (by your retarded definition of "monopoly')

>playing CS zombie/minigame/surf/prison-break servers on your shitty PC that couldnt run the game properly.
>those goofy skin modes
>those funny sound mods
>the gore/meme sprays
>you'll never get to experience that again.
Wish I could go back.

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VR chat is based tho

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It was great, and even the "big tech" of the time, were lax. Yahoo Chat rooms were redpilling mods/ jannies, just people saying whatever they wanted, and everyone private messaging and meeting new people. It was so organic and high-trust. It all went shit after YouTube, Faceshit and Google.

Nigger, AOL was the beginning of the end for the real underground internet.

>cs 1.6
new fag

>The people that play online games these days are stupid
The vast majority of them have no standards. They didn't grow up in the glory days of computer gaming back in the early and mid 1990s. All they know is the current fortnite, minecraft and other shit being pushed by their idiot friends.

i remeber making custom paints in team fortress of naked chicks

MUCH more decentralized, instead of using the same 5 big websites for everything you'd go into hundreds of small ones.

Some were poorly designed pieces of shit, some were pure art. Downloading images and videos was an absolute pain in the ass, and for songs/games you'd generally use those weird p2p clients with search engines built in, such as shareaza, limewire, kazaa and emule.

Most original content was produced by teenagers who were having the time of their life making derivative webcomics/flash animations or games with lots of ripped sprites from popular games. There was also tons of stuff that was gratuitously edgy but not nearly as disturbing as the stuff out there on the internet nowadays, funnily enough.

Social interactions were through IRC, gamer-oriented voice chats such as ventrilo or teamspeak or dedicated forums/BBSes to a specific subject. Using your real name and info was unthinkable, and you'd just use a lame coolkid handle instead.

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Here's a list of interesting websites from this period that still lasted to this day:

>Yahoo Chat rooms were redpilling af..
Yeah, it was fun back in the days of Clinton's impeachment. Lots of people were redpilling the normies and attacking the news media.
>It all went shit after YouTube, Faceshit and Google.
Coincidentally, that was also around the time when smartphones were being mass produced. With that came unlimited data plans, and then the whole fucking world had Internet access. That's when we hit the tipping point for the mass produced bullshit and sheer stupidity that we're dealing with today.

>p2p for songs
Nigga, before that mp3s were just posted on websites. That was back around 1997. Then the record companies realized what was happening and they quickly outlawed the hosting & sharing of mp3s. That's when it went underground with p2p programs like direct connect and the original napster, and then other p2p / torrent programs.

background: i was 3 when i started using the internet, my dad put windows 95 on our comp that year but i also used DOS to play some games. treasure island, outlaws, hellbender, duke nukem 3D, quake and recoil were the shit. never used windows 3.0 though.
old internet was:
utilitarian compared to todays standards, bright, flashy, pixelated, pretty slow, ultra-customized/idiosyncratic sites, shitty search engines (rip), netscape 'erase hitory button' was a miracle, you installed netscape from a disc, less advertising, popups a regular occurence, some 'bigger' sites than others but not w/ the hegemony they have now, fights occured over who could use the phone or who could use the internet, weird fucking noises from hardware, crazy ass viruses and worms - weird shit more akin to extreme types of malware like trump antivirus, you downloaded shit with napster/kazaa, most shit was freeware/shareware, there were no such things as 'apps,' you had applications in the windows menu and that was it or you installed 'software' from a disc and ran programs-never 'apps', instant messaging was only IRC -later icq,msn messenger, aol instant messager, no VOIP, videos worked significantly differently or non-existent, it was a lot less formulaic and regulated, shit didnt ask you for info as a rule or track you like now. in a way it was 'simpler' but not in a handholdey way and in that sense it was at the same time more complicated than todays internet, more like using TOR and .onions than firefox (spare me with tor firefox etc). you also get porn popups when youre like 11 and are like wtf is that and have your innocence ruined forever, now people just promote that shit on social media at all ages, now its more encouraging people to give away their innocence in public 4 cl0ut. back in the day it was still bad, but not in the same way or to the same degree is today.
in general it was a lot more mysterious and as a result fun but everything was mysterious when i was 3-10

I remember the internet before redditors and niggers started using it. It was great. Now it's like having a roach infestation.

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