Suicide methods?

Suicide methods?

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just fucking do it. sincerely, me


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Don't do it, OP. You're amazing :)

a guide for the rest of us


and what makes you think that

Thank you

suicide when you're a teen/tween is fucking stupid, you still can become anyone you wanna be, your problems aint so bad its just your hormones fucking you up.
At least wait till you're 40 to go sudoku

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Why are you doing this? I'm 19 too if you need support

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You're hot OP, don't do it.

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You wanna kill youself because of an ex bf?XD

insulin overdose

what is you being 19 supportive?

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stfu, 19 is legally an adult. I also got 90% in English buddy

Holy shit, I remember being suicidal at 18-20.
My life now is awesome. You'll be missing out on some good shit, user. I went on a 3 year binge on everything my degenerate mind could conceive of and I came out at the other end realizing that life is pretty good after all.

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teen means teenager as in people that are 10 and something...19 is 10 and 9, you're a fucking teen, you're full of fucked up hormones that makes you dumb as fuck. Give it time, grow up, become an adult and you'll realize your problems were just teen bullshit. Not trying to minimize how you feel, its just that what you feel isnt whats real, not your fault, just your age

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I'd strongly recommend strangeling.
It's quick and easy. Find a belt, tie it around a doornob, sit down in front with back to door.
Tie it around your neck and slide a little forward.

Just keep edging yourself forward, and at some point you'll cutt off blod circulation to your brain, you'll collapse and choke to death.
It take's some balls

>attention seeking
Who knew it would be an ex?

I'm the same age as you, I can understand you more. You're young as hell and you can sort your shit out pretty easily. Do you study?

This way

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Not worth it , he's one guy out of more than a billion. You will find way better and life always gets better. Trust me I failed a suicide attempt when I was 17, I'm 21 now and im really glad I didn't go through with it. No matter what problems you are facing they are all temporary and it will get better I can promise you

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Scars from last night

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Don‘t do that

not sure buddy things have been getting progressively worse over the past 3 years

barely deep enough to bleed

get help and stop encouraging this shit.

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Nope. Not studying now. I was accepted to uni but I couldn't do it. Afraid to leave my house, do anything really so I have resorted to this painful existence. At least creepy Sup Forums users will have a nice wank

suicide is always a good thing if you are able to do it, but hearing your wining makes me puke, tryina be edgy at 19, classic attentionwhore

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where did u find this strategy

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I had a psychotic break, do all teens go through that? If that just "teen bullshit"

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I went through that, dont think it's normal but it happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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PTSD bud

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I'm 49 year old alcoholic and I just came to this

My ex girlfriend had anxiety like this. You can get over it. It takes time, practice and eventually failure and surffering. She was wasted af and managed to do it. Try fixing yourself. Getting a life, maybe a job. Friends will ensue. Where are you from?


no, of course not all teens go through that, but teens are most likely to be affected by it than other population. So yeah wanting to kill yourself over your exboyfriend is totally teen bullshit, you'll get over it with time, you'll meet new people, you're just dramatizing stuff, talk about it with the people that care for you, seek help

Congrats glad I could be of service

I keep imagining everyone that I see dead in a gruesome way like getting beheaded or something and smiling and whenever I think of it it stresses me out, I’m going insane I’ve seen so much shit my child hood was a thing no one experienced

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Suicide is boring, its just quitting the game early.
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I've also got a huge breakdown during Uni, almost hero'ed myself, but took some medication, used the temporary relief it allowed me to study what was messing with my head, and now I'm capable of identifying exactly what happen, when, how, why, and therefor avoid being subject to my own psycho-chemical reaction.

Medicaton help a lot to get some clear mind to move forward, maybe not eveyrone have the motivation to read scientific medicine and psychiatric book, but there are a lot of way to get out of this cycle of self grieves and being enslaved by your hormonal and chemical production.

Where u from? Do you have any firearms?


Just how fucking Indian are you?

Canada and no firearms

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charged with what ? time ? money ?

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