Gonna do a cum tribute, post the girls and I'll pick one in a few minutes. Printer only does black and white, sadly

Gonna do a cum tribute, post the girls and I'll pick one in a few minutes. Printer only does black and white, sadly.

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I got you bro

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Why did liberals ruin cum?

Bcs we can

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please do her user
I'll post nudes if you tribute her

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same girl, same offer

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shit she's actually really cute. She someone you know?

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yeah, met her in class and we hooked up for a while.
this is her on the right

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Tell me she's good in bed

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short haired girls need cum too

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she's amazing in bed. she used to love getting on top and bucking her hips really fast until she came. She's crazy loud, too.
Fuck, I fucked that one up haha.

are you OP? Thinking about tributing her?

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Posting name and nudes of her if anyone tribute this pic!

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I am OP and she's probably my favorite here right now. Especially those first two pics.

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want to tribute her?

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fine, but shoulder length is as far as i go

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Please user, cum all over her face

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Yea I'm thinking she's the winner here by a long shot. She's got a nice set of lips too, I always go weak for that.

Please give her your load user

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If you have an specific picture of her you want, post it soon. I'll give you a minute or two.

any requests?

You can do any one, first couple would be best, but I'll keep posting

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cover her, user

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still going op?

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another bump

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That's the weirdest pic, like she isn't ugly, just needs to take better pictures.

Also have a theory that's a little boy

She looks like you could fist her

did OP bail?

will tribute on kik tributes4c

you still gonna tribute?

stolen pcis

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More plz

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More skin?

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she wants it

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she would look so goos with a load on her face

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not op, but if you have a high-res face pic post it

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do these ones work?:

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Love to trib some buttholes on here. Post your girls plz

meant to reply to you - do these work?

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