Muscle girls

muscle girls

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I too am gay

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whats her name?

At this point i prefer a cute trap

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is this an emma watson deepfake on some dude?

nah she just cute

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wtf is this fucking shit, gtfo here

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Prepare to get banned paedo fuck.

Looks like Christmas came a little late this time.

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I fap exclusively to muscle Goddesses

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Good boi!

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I go to the gym mostly to admire the muscle Goddesses there

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I have no proper muscle goddesses on my gym, but surely some fit birds:)

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i need more

They shall have it!

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A lot of fit girls at mine and a few muscle Goddesses. I usually have to go back to the locker room a few times to cool off if they are there

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You don't feel like approaching any of them?

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I'd just fumble my words and embarrass myself, plus I am quite skinny, they are much stronger than me so I don't think they'd be interested

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Well, idk if you are into it, but some of them may be into soft dom, as in being buffer than the man etc. If you are not, then there is always the chance that you can, and seeing you being a man, gain a lot of bulk and strength easily. A lot faster than women in general. I mean, you have everything to gain from trying:)

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sexy fucking centaur

I have no interest in gaining significant muscle, but I would love to be dommed by a muscle Goddess

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Good luck! I'm sure there are some real possibilities for you out there:)

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after they've done steroids to this point, they almost always have larger clitresses. it's clinically-fascinating, although grotesque.

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I usually just admire from a distance and then fap in the locker room shower

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Not an issue:)
Yeah. You do you:) (Literally)

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I usually go to the gym around the same time cause I know there are a few Goddesses that go at that same time.

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How is this shit supposed to be appealing again? Someone throw the redpill here

so you are gay?

Yeah, I'll admit that muscle/fitness girls/women is a big motivation to go to the gym:)

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Yes, I go and I fap there or I come home after and fap to muscle Goddesses at home.

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there is way too much testosterone in this thread for me to believe any of y'all are straight.

Have a good day then, and don't come to this thread:)
Because people are different, and some like this, some like that:D

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This. Even tho the taste differences and variety regarding sex are huge, that a little bit of toning on the female body I wouldn't mind I guess, but these are just straight borderline transitioning

I love you user, i was literally about ask for this but i didnt know exactly how to describe it


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Be gayer, be happier.

Now this one is actually hot, the rest are dom bait


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What's her name?

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Adult = masculine, child = feminine. Nice taste pedo.

Nigga y’all gay. Its cool but a fagboi by any other name is just as gay

Muscle broadly is masculine, true. Fat is feminine, true. But each sex has a different distribution of each.

She could go 3/4 profile of that ass, instead of profile. Cleavage is what makes the ass.

Im with you on that, here's my fav fit pornstar, although if she didnt have those fake tits she'd be looking a lot more manly ngl

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Need webm of muscle girl, punch machine, end with cute kawaii pose

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Checks out:D

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I could lick the sweat of her abs. In fact, that is my very deepest desire!

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Mine too, I'd do anything to taste the sweat of a muscle Goddess

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Try pits. You amateurs.

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Muscle girl pits make me very weak

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Any part of the muscular womans body is fine with me:) I'm just a sucker for the abs/belly.

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thats exactly how I look minus the gyno


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Cept without that face. And backnce. And chest hair.

Wow, this is good stuff

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Aspen is a perfect Goddess

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All you have to do is pay them. Most of these whores already do it through their Twitter/insta or whatever. Just pay them, they may be buff but they are still money grubbing whores.

Truer words has rarely been spoken!

I'd do anything for her

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For, and especially WITH her:)

Anything she wanted

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Few are both as genetically lucky AND hard working as she is!


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That back is just right!


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where does someone mentioned children? nigga you retarded