My neighbour is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend...

My neighbour is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend. They play music at 10PM and I wanna call the police on them for disturbance and use of drugs (very illegal in Sweden). On the 3th of January around 7PM I heard them having sex when I walked past their house. Can I say it sounded like rape?

What do I say to guarantee the police will show up? Say I saw a gun etc?

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Don't be a fucking dweeb.

Don’t call the police , because they will be muslim as all of Sweden is under Sharia Law now

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Step 1) stop being such a fucking faggot
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Say they listen to hate rock

This is the most beta thing I’ve ever read. You’re just jealous that this guy is getting pussy and enjoying his life. Fuck you.

step 4) stop posting this shit already

This is the 14th time you've made this thread today
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Din jävla ultrabeta. Klipp dig skaffa ett jobb och väx upp din finniga jävla sosse.

Sweden is basically a satellite state of Iran now.
We should start bombing them

I would call the Police too when the Music is to loud after 10 PM! The rest of the stuff?...What is it of your concern?

stop being a creep and mind your own business, even better go out and get laid yourself. how is that harming you, ok the music maybe.

What's worse, OP posting this stupid shit or all the retardes being baited

Don't worry I screenshooted this thread. How much of a miserable piece of jealous shit you have to be is really astonishing.

Stop being such a faggot and fix your damn country. You're an embarrassment to your Viking ancestors. They would have smoked pot and fucked girls, too, you twat.

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Iranians are the least Muslim people on this planet after Mongols. Iranians literally worship Zoroastrian gods have a Zoroastrian calendar, worship Zoroastrian deities every day. Europeans and Americans, as Christians, have more relation to Islam than Iran since Christians believe and worship the same deities. Iranians literally worship deities and celebrate events that are unknown to Abrahimitc religions which is explicitly and strictly forbidden in Islam, Christanity and Judaism.

That also shows how many people there are brainwashed into being submissive.

And no I have no personal relation to Iran (I'm Central European) but I am an Ethnolinguist.

what does skaffa mean?

dude, seriously, GET A LIFE

dra åt helvete din jävla nolla. låt folk leva. smuts.

To acquire. Now u help me.

I'm OP, see screen

In migrant slang kaffa means stoned.
You should go to your neighbour and gift him some drugs

Play this at full volume:
Smoke crack and Hail Satan, just to annoy your neighbor.

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Just ask the dude to turn the music down.

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> What do I say to guarantee the police will show up? Say I saw a gun etc?
Just say to phone-cop that you heard your neighbors talking about posting racist content on well-known hacker imageboard fourchan

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Cops will be at your neighbors' place in no time

Are you a kid or just having a huge broomstick up your ass?
Let them have whatever recreational ways they want to live, just like you want to enjoy your life.
If the noise is a problem, talk to them.

>bunch of towel head bullshit
Fuck off shitskin muhammed

Again, you sound like a bitch

>least muslim
>country literally under control of an Ayatollah
So it’s safe to say, you don’t have a fucking clue what you’re talking about.

America is the least democratic country in the world - because they vote for a president